HUGE 6 Year Anniversary Cast

[ Cause to celebrate with your oldest, dearest mates – Drums did crack and hands did shake ]

The Anniversary cast is always far too small to include everyone that we would like to include in the event – we learned the answer to “how many people is too many?” a couple years ago when the joists in the stage were making cracking sounds during the annual photo.

This year we tried to include as many of our teachers and TA’s as we could – but also a number of directors and producers from the past year – and we are pleased and thrilled to announce the names here!

Performing this Saturday at the HUGE Anniversary:

Aric McKeown
Becky Hauser
Beth Gibbs
Butch Roy
Casey Haeg
Eric Knobel
Erik Nielsen
Erin Sheppard
Gubby Kubik
Hannah Wydeven
James Rone
Jen Scott
Joe Bozic
Joe Rapp
Jen Van Kaam
Katy Kessler
Kory Pullam
Michael Ritchie
MJ Marsh
Molly Chase
Nels Lennes
Rita Boersma
Sean Dillon

Please join us this Saturday as we do what we do best and I try to squeeze six years of love and gratitude into two magic words.