This year’s Twin Cities Improv Festival is jam-packed with amazing classes!

Two Hour Workshops: $40 per class
Three Hour Workshops: $60 per class
Scholarships available: click here
TCIF workshops are not suitable for absolute beginners – and are 18+
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SATURDAY, JUNE 29th: 11-1PM – $40
Follow the Fun! with Super Human
Discover the simple joy of yes and while being inspired by your scene partners!
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SATURDAY, JUNE 29th: 11-1PM – $40
Let’s Tell a Story: Narrative Not Plot with Luke Zwanziger (Filbert)
Ever wish that you could play characters with emotional heart and STILL feel like you are telling a story? Here’s your chance!

SATURDAY, JUNE 29th: 2-5PM – $60
It’s a party, it’s a party, at the PREACH workshop!!!
PREACH is a hybrid form, infusing improvisation, spoken word and personal story telling. This workshop will explore them all, as well as ensemble based collaboration.
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SATURDAY, JUNE 29th: 2-4PM – $40
Once More with Feeling! with Jessica Zodrow (Filbert)
Using acting, clowning and Improv techniques Jessica creates a playground where you can find fun in having emotional reactions that are surprising & delightful.

SUNDAY, JUNE 30th: 11-1PM – $40
Improvising from a Place of Power with Irene Marquette (Super Human)
Focus on empowering and going hard with softer styles of play and using your perspective/experiences in any scenic situation.
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SUNDAY, JUNE 30th: 11-1PM – $40
Character Extravaganza with Christina Boucher (Super Human)
Expand your character range with this workshop focused on establishing realistic characters with a strong, committed point of view, from a fun and truthful place.

SUNDAY, JUNE 30th: 2-5PM – $60
It’s a party, it’s a party, at the PREACH workshop!!!
We added a second section because we know Saturday afternoon will sell out!


Luke Zwanziger (Filbert) is an actor and award winning director and writer based out of Portland, OR. He is the director of Video Production at Curious Comedy Theater where he also performs on the mainstage team Filbert. He has been improvising since 2004. He also co-produces Portland’s Funniest Video showcase.
He has performed as an improv comedian across the US including Detroit Improv Festival, Denver Improv Festival, MI Westside, and will be performing in Scotland in 2019 at the Edinburgh Improv Festival. He produces the indie improv showcase WILDCARD with his improv team Step/Sisters.

Jessica Zodrow (Filbert) has been in the entertainment business since she was a kid! She holds she B.A in Theatre Arts & her Master’s in Theatre Education ( N.Y.U) since moving back to Portland, Or in 2014 she has been working in the Improv Comedy world as a performer, host, teacher and coach. Currently she teaches Level Two at Curious Comedy Theater, coaches two teams and finds the power of Yes, And to be strong & joyful. Formerly of Echo Hill (a Curious Comedy musical house team) from 2016-2018, NOW she has the great pleasure of creating hilarious & thoughtful Improv with FILBERT! (Curious Comedy, DIF 2018, Westside 2018). She also enjoys being part of the rotating cast of Showdown (headlining Friday/Saturday night show) & when time allows performing in the many other Improv venues Portland has to offer. She is also the artistic director of Joy & Wonder Theatre ( an all ages immersive theatre company) so if she is not helping create excellent Improv sets, that is where you might find her. She believes laughter is the best medicine and that through using your imagination with other people you can make the world a better place. She loves a great HAROLD, a juicy MUSICAL set, a LA RONDE in which the characters are so real you have to laugh and creating all kind of adult make-ups with all the amazing Improvisers she has met all across the country!

Irene Marquette (Super Human)  spent over 10 years in Chicago performing, teaching and directing both commercially and at venues including The Annoyance, Second City, Columbia College and the Lyric Opera. Since moving to LA she has worked with director/show-runner Kay Cannon on Girlboss (Netflix) and the film BLOCKERS. She is directing the world premiere of Stand Down the March for Hollywood Fringe 2018.

Sarah Ashley (Super Human) is an improviser, writer, actor and teacher based in Chicago, IL. She earned a BFA in Theater Performance from the University of Michigan and a Certificate in Creative Nonfiction Writing from The University of Chicago. Sarah performs improv with Super Human (The Annoyance Theater) and Horsefly (CIC Theater). She also plays with The Holy Fuck Comedy Hour and was part of the original cast of Trigger Happy, a stylized, choreographed improv show directed by Mick Napier, both at The Annoyance. Her written work has appeared on She directed the sketch show The Untold, Untrue Love Story of Bill and Hillary Clinton (iO) and the original play My Two Sons (Annoyance). Previously, Sarah appeared in Splatter Theater, The Raven & The Messenger, Burlesque is More and Manic Pixie Dreamland (Annoyance).
Trained at iO and The Annoyance, Sarah now teaches AP3 Scene Work at The Annoyance. Sarah is really proud of her “comedy” “food blog” The Foody Heads, but she’s from Minnesota so she has no idea how to brag about that.

Mary Cait Walthall (Super Human) is a writer, director, and performer in Chicago. She has studied clowning with Dean Evans, Avner Eisenberg, Paola Coletto, and the late Julie Goell. She is a graduate of the London International School of Performing Arts, where she completed a two-year course in devised performance practice and physical performance technique. She has performed with the Neo-Futurists, Baby Wants Candy, and Glass Basement at the iO Theater. She currently performs with Super Human at the Annoyance Theater, and she teaches improv at iO. You can also catch her on the Improvised Star Trek Podcast