The HUGE Artists Summit is upon us, April 24-25!

Each year, HUGE Theater hosts a free-to-attend “Artists Summit,” where we hold sessions on topics that are important to the improv community, but aren’t about improv technique… things like show marketing, or creating your own work, or making improv more accessible. This year’s Summit will be online, like most everything else this past year. And that means that the community of people we can include is also much broader, which excites us!

Inspired by what we’ve all been learning in the past year, we have 4 exciting sessions planned:

– Improvising Online: Making the most of the medium technically, artistically, promotionally

– Improv Across Boarders: The why and how of intercity and international collaboration

– Improv For Social Betterment: Improving the world through improv practice

– More Improv Histories: Interviews on improvs beyond the North American tradition We’re still finalizing our presenters and panelists, but we’ve got an exciting, international line-up planned. Not to be missed!

Keep an eye out here for specifics, coming soon!