A note from Rita…

Hi HUGE Community!

Well, here we are. We’re all crawling back into the world and we’re all a little wobbly at best, but I am so overwhelmingly happy that the wobbly path is leading us all back to the HUGE stage. This place was never meant to be empty so long and I can’t wait for it to be filled with loud and unapologetic joy again.

I wanted to let you know that I will be leaving my role as Artistic Director. Though there is some flexibility in my timeline as I want to make sure HUGE is as set up as possible to keep moving onward and upward in this new world, I will transition out fully by the end of August. 

My breath runs short every time I think about ending my tenure here, but like so much of the world, I happen to be crawling out of this last year and a half a totally changed person with a new recognition of my time and my energy and all the ways I was dividing myself up in too many little pieces. I realized I need to be more picky and precious with my time and that my family, my artistic endeavors and my life outside of work deserve the best parts of me so I am moving forward with that focus.

I am so proud to have served in the role of Artistic Director, and I am so indescribably grateful for the opportunity to have worked with and alongside this team and this community. You trusted me with a big new thing at HUGE, to help lead a theater that was and is and will always be so beloved, and I am forever changed by my time here. I hope I haven’t let you down. 

And though I know it is a tough time to leave, I am so excited for what comes next. I am so excited for the next person to keep building alongside John in the coming years as he takes on his new role as Executive Director; and with the rest of the HUGE team, Board and community to keep making HUGE the leader and beacon that it is. To keep calling out to the world, “You are welcome here. This art is for you, too.” I can’t wait to continue to be on stage here as an advocate and representative of those values. I can’t wait to get back to teaching and coaching when my energy can be in the right place again. I hope to still be with you all every step of the way. 

I will miss so much of this. No job will ever be this funny. Or this weird. Or this wonderful. But mostly I am just so grateful. Thanks to Butch, Jill, John, Sean, Breanna (and all of you!), for holding me up these last 3 years. And for never, not even once, asking me to make a phone call.

Be good to yourselves and to each other. Keep making stuff. I’ll see you out there.