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Good news/Bad news

All the decisions have been made for The Free Association 2020 casting and the emails have been sent – the cast list will be posted Friday afternoon

Thank you all for making this process so incredible – and incredibly hard – you are why making theater in the Twin Cities is such a wonderful, unique experience.

Auditions for the Free Association – Saturday, January 18th

PLEASE NOTE: the Free Association format involves fast, physical edits and contacts and may involve a broad range of physicality and physical activity – if you have any physical limitations or concerns, please let us know. 
Please arrive 15 minutes early to check in and warm up with your group. See you Saturday!

10:30 AM11:00 AM11:30 AM12:00 PM12:30 PM
Jon KnudtsonDerek LandseidelJosh KrohnMichael RennerAbe vanderBent
Katie KneplerLane FlatenMax FriedmanLiz CouncilAdam Boutz
Will BerendRob FiorendinoBecky HauserRachel BuhmanMatt Slater
Katie NovakRyan KlimaHeather BaldwinShealah CocherellCraig Corsi
Gurayn C SylteMaria BartholdiRichie McLarnVanessa Tu
2:00 PM2:30 PM3:00 PM3:30 PM4:00 PM4:30 PM
Julie CensulloCody MadisonShelby SchroederBradley MachovAlexis CamilleMandi Bedbury
Jared WillsBret MeyerErik OstromMary RuebelSusannah EckbergZoa Dru
Michelle LippmanJeff KaisershotAndy ChristianAdam M. MellerupRon CulpAmy Zajack
kristin turnblomMarty WesselsHannah McNameeRobbie DarlingAlyssa DiVirgilioKate Button
Kristen RagnacciC Michael Menge

If you have any questions, concerns or cannot make your scheduled audition for any reason, please contact as well as – thank you and break all the legs!

Audition Schedule: Free Association – Monday, January 13th only

Here is the schedule for the MONDAY auditions for the Free Association – there are still a handful of spaces left, please see the original post HERE

5:00 PM
Tommy Caravello
John Bickford
Will Schroeder
Michael Rogers
Nels Lennes

5:30 PM
Sarah Baker
Rabin Pun
Erin Kennedy

6:00 PM
Christian Unser
Julietta Benson
Chris Rodriguez
Laura Hild

6:30 PM
Andrew Lindvall
Max Besner
Bradley Machov
Cicely Robin Laing
Vann Daley

If you have any questions, concerns or cannot make your scheduled audition for any reason, please contact as well as – thank you and break all the legs!

Auditions for the Free Association!

the Free Association – produced by HUGE Theater – will perform Saturdays at 10:30pm May 2nd – June 20th, 2020

Rehearsal schedule: Please check your availability before signing up to audition!

Rehearsals will be weekly at 1-3pm on Saturdays – beginning on 2/22
The show will be 45-60 minutes each week, co-directed by John Gebretatose and Butch Roy

the Free Association is a structure based on an exercise by Joe Bill and Mark Sutton – produced with permission at HUGE Theater – that focuses on “tagging in” to characters in the scene, focus on point of view and building together.

PLEASE NOTE: the Free Association format involves fast, physical edits and contacts and may involve a broad range of physicality and physical activity – if you have any physical limitations or concerns, please let us know

If you cannot see the form below CLICK HERE

The audition schedule will be posted at as soon as possible – if you have any questions or concerns please email
Thank you!

Auditions for jorts!

Jorts Prom is an independent production coming to HUGE in 2020 – all questions should be directed to the producers :

“Prom Night” was created by the original cast of jorts! in spring 2017.
The show structure consists of two parts: First, an audience member is interviewed by the entire cast about their prom and overall high school experience. Second, the cast recreates the audience member’s prom night based on their interview using a modified Harold structure.

Link to audition form and tons more info :

the Cast of Bad Poets Society

A note from the producer and director of Bad Poets Society – an independent production coming to HUGE in 2020!

We’d like to give snaps to everyone who auditioned for Bad Poets Society. We had an absolute blast seeing the incredible talent and energy of the Twin Cities improv community, and appreciate you taking the time to share it with us. Please keep making art. 

With that being said, we are stoked to announce the cast for Bad Poets Society! 
The cast: 

  • Jill Bernard
  • Justin Betancourt
  • Shoshana Daniels
  • Monika Hetzler
  • Hannah McNamee
  • Deepika Pangarkar
  • Jada Pulley
  • Katie Quinn
  • Chris Rodriguez 
  • Will Schroeder 
  • Victoria Temiz

See you in March and April! 
Jada Pulley, producer & Denzel Belin, director

Improv A Go Go Winter Schedule

IAGG Winter 2020 Schedule is posted!
The following groups were selected by (our official supplier of random numbers for more than 10 years!) for the upcoming season of IAGG!!

8 Bit Improv
Again & Again
Awesome Floss
Basement Keg
Berkley Boyz
Bombardment Society
Cloud Wars
Ferrari Formula One
New Roads
Richie vs Bradley
The Experimentations of Dr Tieglitz
The Latest Night
The Persephonee Project Reunion Tour
The StepChildren
Wolf Blitzer Trio

Fun fact: We had more than 130 entries for the 20 groups this season

The most current version of the schedule is always the Google Calendar which lives online here:

Casting Notice – OFF BOOK

It is that magical time again, friends… Off Book is coming up January-February at HUGE Theater, and we’re looking for improvisers and on-script actors. If you’re interested — EVEN IF YOU HAVE PERFORMED IN THE SHOW BEFORE — please fill out this form. 

A full description of Off Book is at the link, but here’s the quick version: Off Book is one of HUGE’s longest-running shows. It pairs a scripted actor who has memorized a scene with an improviser who is coming in clueless, and the results are kinda magical.

We’re holding limited auditions on Dec 3 for improvisers whose work we don’t know well. If we don’t ask you to audition, that just means we already know you.

Improvathon 2019 schedule!

Here it is, friends. Let’s get delirious!

– There may be a few more minor adjustments. We’ll contact any affected groups directly.
– please be aware of your set length as they are not all the same.

– The t-shirt order goes in November 1st – if you send “oh hey, we need to add one more to the shirts” after October 31, there won’t be much I can do for you.

– Graphics for sharing/posting are coming soon – we have been holding off on some of them to avoid early donations, there will be a big rollout of info and images after Nov. 1st.

Thank you to everyone for being part of this massive day
It’s gonna be unreal.

8 PMButts & Beef
8:30 PMMud Coven
9 PMWhereases
9:30 PMThe Shrieking Harpies
10 PMThe Bearded Company
10:30 PMFeel Good About Yourself Orchestra
11 PMCrumplestiltskin
11:20 PMBollyprov
11:40 PMLast Action Movie
12 AMGttMD Kickoff/The Ops Team
12:30 AMSleepover
1 AMLarry the Fable Guy
1:30 AMHollow Bones
2 AMTracktastic
2:30 AMShelly & Ethel: Take the Stage!! presents “”We’re All Doomed,”” a live improvisational show about Who Cares P.S. Butch don’t take any of this out this is all part of the title; yes, this part too. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
3 AM201: Kelly & Julietta Edition
3:30 AMThe Kid
4 AMGhoulish Endeavors
4:30 AMSympathetic Magic
5 AMMichael and Bret in the Morning
6 AMCloud Wars
6:30 AMSwoon River
8 AMBenches (with Pam)
8:20 AMSubatomic Duck
8:40 AMNon-zero Chance
9 AMResist Sleep
9:20 AMUSA’s Newest Duo!
9:40 AMHotel Shampoo
10 AMAwesome Floss
10:30 AMCommunity Ed
11 AMAdorable
11:30 AMDoubtless
12:30 PMStrays
1 PM1up
1:30 PMKids at Camp
2:00 PMTarantino
2:30 PMRandomly Chosen
3 PMCacophony
3:30 PMFickle Me, Zelmo
4:30 PM15 for 2
5 PMWomen of a Certain Height
5:20 PMKistKrauseRouse
6:20 PMUbookuitous
6:40 PMThursday Night Bingo Club
7 PMPOC Ensemble Jam
7:20 PMRat Queen
7:40 PMThe Provettes
8 PMMurderClown
8:30 PMComedySportz
9 PMjorts!
9:30 PMBlackout
10 PMThe Mess
11 PMDillyDallHaus
11:30 PMDrum Machine