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Upcoming Shows at HUGE

Here it is; the schedule for our stage from now until June! There are a few changes that you might notice – starting in April we’ve added a show at 7:00p on Saturdays! We are offering Double Feature tickets for the 7:00 and 8:00p show so you can catch them both.

I also want to highlight the return of KaBaam! The Improvised Comic Book to the stage. As we considered the spring season we realized the time was right for superheroes to save the day, but it wasn’t right for a large group of people to get together and audition. For that reason, the talented cast was assembled by Becky Hauser and Molly Ritchie. Molly agreed to direct the show along with her fearless Assistant Director, Alexis Camille. You’ll see Ari Newman, Chip Gehring, Denzel Belin, Erin Kennedy, Greg Parks, Jada Pulley, Jex Arzayus, Justin Betancourt, Susannah Eckberg, Will Schroeder team up and vanquish villainous foes. We can’t wait!


Hot Pot – 9:30p – February and March
Featuring: Alexis Camille, Liz Council, John Gebretatose and Karyn Wilson
Hot Pot! is a diverse long-form improv group based in the Twin Cities. Watch as Hot Pot gloriously takes you on a journey of joy, adventure and suspicious activities to keep everyone on their toes.

Shrieking Harpies – 8:00p – March and April
Featuring: Hannah Wydeven, Lizzie Gardner, Taj Ruler and Justin Nellis on keys
The Shrieking Harpies present an improvised musical that will make you see the magic around you.

The Bearded Company presents: Epic Adventures – 10:30p – March through June
Featuring: Maria Bartholdi, MJ Matheson, Tyler Michaels, Tyler Mills, Joe Rapp and Lucas Vonacek
Join The Bearded Company for a completely improvised adventure like you’ve never seen before. Stories told big and bold as only The Bearded Company can. Sharpen your swords, grab your rocket pack and get ready for one hell of an adventure.

Babe Train: That ’00 Show – 9:30p – April and May
Featuring: Shelby Schroeder, Laura Berger, Katie Quinn and Hannah McNamee
Remember when life was ‘da bomb?’ When you could crack open a capri sun and just chillax? Jam out to your ipod mini? Forget about the stress of today and travel back to the early 2000s, where everything was BALLER and no biggie! Get ready to ROFL, LOL, and XD with the nostalgia filled romp: That 00s Show! XOXO Babe Train

Jorts! presents: Prom Night – 8:00p – May and June
Directed by Emily Lindholm, Phil Petersen and Ryan Vanasse
Relive the drama, angst, and fun of the height of teen life, Prom!

Mayhem – 9:30p – June and July
Featuring: Hannah Wydeven and Butch Roy
Mayhem’s performance style is marked by the “anything-you-can-do” physicality that only a fitness trainer and an ex-clown can bring to the stage. They joyfully trap each other in corners that other improvisers would shy away from, and fearlessly push the limits.


Off Book – 8:00p – February and March
Directed by Sean Dillon and Maggie Sotos
Half-scripted, full speed ahead. It is every actor’s nightmare: getting thrown on stage to perform a play you’ve never read.

The Mess – 9:30p – February through June
Featuring: Rita Boersma, Mike Fotis, Molly Ritchie, James Rone and Jake Scott
A brand new improvised masterpiece, every Saturday night!

Blackout and Latins on Ice present: Joy – 7:00p – April and May
Directed by John Gebretatose
Blackout Improv and Latins On Ice are teaming up present Joy, a hilarious night of improv comedy. We want to laugh and celebrate each other; nothing sounds better to us right now. So, we decided to make history and create the first ever all black and Latin X improv comedy show in Minnesota. If you’re looking for a little joy in tough times, come out and enjoy the night.

KaBaam! – 8:00p – April and May
Directed by Molly Ritchie
Assistant Director Alexis Camille
Three amazing superhero adventures based on never-before-seen hero names suggested by you! While you watch, a for real comic book artist draws the cover to their tremendous team-up adventure!

Jennifer’s Lawn – 7:00p – June and July
Featuring: Dorian Beal, Jennifer Erickson, Chip Gehring Justine Myers and Ari Newman
Jennifer’s Lawn is a Minneapolis-based narrative improv quintet. Together, they traverse the galaxy atop their magical lawn flamingo, Cementha.

Summer Potluck – 8:00p – June and July
A different group with a different show every week! Applications for the show opening April 18th!


March – Troika

April – Again & Again, Brick!, Luke and Ash Do a Harold, My Town: Karaoke Nights

May and June – Liquid Knight, The Step Children, Tracktastic! with Bret, The Improvised Twilight Zone

It’s the (rescheduled) HUGE 11th Anniversary Show!

Please join us THIS SATURDAY, February 26th at 8:00p to celebrate HUGE and the people that make it a home away from home. The Hold Steady sound track is set, the bar will be open and it’s going to be a lot of fun! This show is our thank you – we truly appreciate all of your support and can’t wait to see you again.

If you aren’t ready to head into the theater just yet, you can catch a matinee performance online at 6:00p on our YouTube channel.

With that, I am excited to announce the cast of HUGE Theater’s 11th Anniversary show! 

  • Alexis Camille
  • Alsa Bruno
  • Anna Tobin
  • Ari Newman
  • Becky Hauser
  • Bradley Machov
  • Breanna Cecile
  • Brian Hodge-Rice
  • Bryce Kalal
  • Butch Roy
  • Chris Rodriguez
  • Denzel Belin
  • Duck Washington
  • Erin Kennedy
  • Hannah Wydeven
  • Jada Pulley
  • Jen Scott
  • Jill Bernard
  • Joe Rapp
  • John Gebretatose
  • Karyn Wilson
  • Katy Kessler
  • Kristen Ragnacci
  • Laura Berger
  • Lauren Anderson
  • Liz Council
  • Lynn Hu
  • Madhu Bangalore
  • Mandi Bedbury
  • Maureen Tubbs
  • Meghan Wolff
  • Michael Rogers
  • Mike Fotis
  • MJ Matheson
  • Nels Lennes
  • Rita Boersma
  • Sarah Arnold-Simondet
  • Sean Dillon
  • Shanan Custer
  • Shea Roberts Gyllen
  • Siri Hellerman
  • Susannah Eckberg
  • Tom Reed
  • Vanessa Tu 

An update from the new AD and the Winter Schedule!

Hello! Becky Hauser here. It’s been about a month since we announced that I am taking on the Artistic Director position at HUGE and, in case you haven’t heard me say it yet, I’m very excited. I’ve been working and performing at HUGE for almost 10 years now and think of it as home.  First and foremost, I owe many thank yous to the Operations Team, Rita and the community as a whole for the warm welcome. I am looking forward to building on the strong foundation that HUGE has created for all of us. It’s a crazy time to be an improviser; glad we have each other. 

So, what’s happening? There are a few changes to the schedule to point out:

  • We will not have a 10:30 show on Friday or Saturday during the January/February run.  Don’t worry if you are a Bearded Company fan, they plan to return on Fridays at 10:30p in March/April. 
  • Throwback night, which normally appears at the start of the year, will be rescheduled when auditions and rehearsals for large groups are possible again. 
  • As mentioned below, Show X is closing with a celebration on January 3. If you’re like me, this one is bittersweet. Show X has been an inspiration for a lot of us. If you find that you’re inspired to create something new for the Monday night time slot, send your ideas our way! Look for the show proposal form to open in March as usual.

And now, without further ado… 

The Winter Show Schedule – January/February 2022


8:00 pm – Shuffle Play: Your Favorite Musical Groups in Rotation

Introducing a musical showcase featuring 2 of your favorite groups in 1 night! On the playlist: Drum Machine, The Feel Good About Yourself Orchestra,  Lounge-asaurus Rex, Lounge Lizzy, The Other Jeannie Retelle, The Provettes  and The Shrieking Harpies Present. 

9:30 pm – Poems for Each Other

Theo Langason carves out space and time for connection, nostalgia and improvised songs based on beautiful memories provided by the audience.


8:00 pm – Off Book

Half-scripted, full speed ahead. It is every actor’s nightmare: getting thrown on stage to perform a play you’ve never read. That’s also the premise of Off Book. We have an actor memorize a script, then send them on stage with an improviser who has no idea what’s going on. Then we sit back and watch the magic happen.

9:30 pm – The Mess

A brand new improvised masterpiece, every Saturday night! Rita Boersma, Mike Fotis, Eric Knobel, Molly Ritchie, James Rone, and Jake Scott are The Mess.

HUGE Wednesdays

Again & Again

Again & Again’s improvisational scenes are focused on joy and cooperative make-believe from a group that absolutely adores each other, and wants you to experience that too.


Bryce Kalal and Chris Rodriguez present their duo, BRICK!, with a magical montage of made-up nonsense.

Luke and Ash Do a Harold

The Harold is a classic long form improv format usually performed by 6-8 people. Ash Webb and Luke McDonough will be performing it with just the two of them. Partially because they have studied the form for years, but mainly because they don’t have 4-6 friends.

My Town

My Town performs a fast-paced improvised montage filled with nostalgia, mirth, and guttural sounds.

Show X news

As a member of the cast, current producer and a representative of HUGE Theater – it is my bittersweet duty to let everyone know that a very difficult decision has been made :

Show X has run its course and it is time to stand the show down as a weekly event
The show marked ten years the week before shutdown in 2020

The final Monday performance of Show X will be January 3rd, 2022

Show X was started 12 years ago when the members of Splendid Things reached out to other improv creators and assembled a team to raise the visibility of long form improv with a weekly show at the Bryant Lake Bowl.
Over the years it has featured a tremendous roster of improvisers and special guests alike

It was also a crucial step toward the eventual opening of a dedicated theater for long form improv and a show that inspired many to become improvisers themselves.

Show X moved the art forward in a substantial way.
That doesn’t mean it was meant to last forever and ever.

It’s my hope that Show X can be celebrated as it comes to a close
AND that the cast of Show X will return from time to time as it began – as an independent group looking to put on an amazing show.

Thank you all for more than a decade of incredible Monday nights

Butch Roy

Executive Director
Show X cast member since way, way back

Submission/audition notice – Off Book 2022!

After a pandemic hiatus, HUGE’s longest-running hit production Off Book is returning to the stage. Saturdays, Jan-Feb 2022… and we’re recruiting.

Two performers take the stage to perform a scene, but only one has seen the script. That’s Off Book in a nutshell. We’ve got 7 performances of 5-6 scenes each, and every show has a new cast. So we’re looking for 35-40 experienced actors and 35-40 skilled improvisers to perform the show.

If you fit either of those categories and want to take a ride on this magical rollercoaster (and trust me, you DO), fill out this interest form by November 21:


Off Book is a HUGE production directed by Sean Dillon and Maggie Sotos, based on “Gravid Water” at the Upright Citizens Brigade.

2021 Improvathon schedule

It’s here! The official line-up for Improvathon 2021! These amazing folks will be helping us hold the stage for a full 28 hours, in support of HUGE Theater on Give to the Max Day (Thursday, November 18).

Not performing, but want to be part of the action? No problem! We are looking for volunteers to hang out at the front desk and run errands … we even need some pro-level photographers to help capture the action. No prior experience is necessary to work the desk – we just need folks who can bring their enthusiasm for even just a few hours. You can sign up here

Wednesday, Nov 178:00 PMThe Staff (before)
8:30 PMThe Provettes
9:00 PMBlackout
9:30 PMComedySportz
10:00 PMOddly Now
10:30 PMDillyDallHaus
11:00 PMNudge
11:30 PMLast Action Movie
Thursday, Nov 1812:00 AMThe Bearded Company
12:30 AMConvenient Fiction
1:00 AMIndian Matchmaking
1:30 AMJester’s Comedy Improv
2:00 AMLaxmi & Jill Across the Sea
2:30 AMUSA’s Newest Duo
3:00 AMDollartree
3:30 AMPolice Cop Detective P.I.
4:00 AMTBA
4:30 AMReflections with Bret
5:00 AMBasement Keg
5:30 AMNon-Zero Chance
6:00 AMMy Town
6:30 AMTarantino
7:00 AMBad Poets Society
7:30 AMStone Soup
9:00 AMSubatomic Duck
9:30 AMFoul Play
10:00 AMFoul Play (cont.)
10:30 AMJennifer’s Lawn
11:00 AMSnowball (come play!)
11:30 AMShow XX
12:30 PMHUGE Student Jam
1:00 PM1UP
1:30 PMRandomly Chosen
2:00 PMMayhem
2:30 PMAdorable
3:00 PMDance Break with Divya!
3:30 PMThe Love Squad
4:00 PMThat Woman Is My Mother
4:30 PMIce Cream Social Club
5:00 PMBabe Train
5:30 PMNimblicity
6:30 PMMurderclown
7:00 PMBIPOC Jam Ensemble
7:30 PMjorts!
8:00 PMThe Shrieking Harpies
8:30 PMThe Faculty
9:00 PMThe Mess
9:30 PMSnacktime!
10:00 PMSnail Mail
10:30 PMThe Other Jeannie Retelle
11:00 PMDrum Machine
11:30 PMThe Staff (after)
MIDNIGHTWe all fall down!

Improvathon 2021 deadline reminder

HUGE Improvathon 2021

Hi folks!

This is a friendly reminder that the deadline to register a group to perform in this year’s HUGE Improvathon is this Sunday, October 24. Sign up now to join a truly spectacular assemblage of talent!


If you are interested in signing up to watch 24 hours of improv — either in person or at the comfort of your own computer screen — you can join our Iron Audience here:


And if you’d just like more information on Improvathon 2021 and what it is all about, our FAQ blog post is right here:

Performer Rush Tickets !

HUGE is now offering $5 rush tickets to weekend shows at the door!

If you are a performer in a current show at HUGE – including a group in IAGG – you can now get $5 rush tickets to any weekend performance, simply tell the box office you’d like to purchase a Performer Ticket

Performer tickets are offered to anyone performing on our stage that month
(ie if you are on our stage in October, you can purchase Performer Rush Tickets in October)

Rush tickets are available Day-of-show and at-the-door only.
Must be the same calendar month you are performing at HUGE

Email butch@hugetheater.com