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2019 Summer and Fall shows announced

Listen up, improv enjoyers – Exciting announcements all around!!

Including SUMMER HOURS – a first for HUGE Theater!
Fridays in July / August will run : 8pm / 9pm / 10pm shows
Saturdays in July / August will run : 8pm / 9pm ONLY
All summer shows will be 45 minutes


8pm: Drum Machine / Off Book split
9pm: Bummertown
10pm: The Life Robotic

8pm: Summer Potluck
9pm: Guts & Teeth


8pm: Snake Eyes
9pm: Bummertown
10pm: The Life Robotic

8pm: Summer Potluck
9pm: Guts & Teeth

HUGE has invited ComedySportz to produce the Saturday 10:30 shows through the end of 2019!


8pm: Creature Feature
9:30pm: MurderClown
10:30pm: The Bearded Company – Swords & Sorcery

8pm: KaBAAM!!
9:30pm: poems, for each other
10:30pm: CSZ Wizarding School


8pm: Family Dinner
9:30pm: My Town
10:30pm: The Bearded Company

8pm: Family Dinner
9:30pm: The Mess
10:30pm: CSZ Xmas Carol Unscripted

As always, audition notices and casting announcements will be posted on this blog as we have them ready – thank you to everyone that proposed a show this season!
Show Proposals will open again on September 1st!

HUGE Artist Summit 2019 – Day 2

The second day of the HUGE Artist Summit featured amazing speakers.

The morning featured a panel, “Occupying Margins or Smashing the Divide a panel discussion on gender and pronouns” with C Michael Menge, Britt Johnson, Katie Knepler, m.a.x power facilitated by Jex Arzayus, to discuss the importance of gender identity and pronouns.

Watch Part 1:
Watch Part 2:

Bryce Kalal brought “Presenting the Show” – watch the session here:

HUGE Artist Summit 2019 – Day 1

We had a great first day of the HUGE Artist Summit. Thanks to all who participated!

Watch the video of Session #1 – The Producers Toolkit with Rita Boersma & Butch Roy:

Watch the video of Session #2 – “Coaching Improv” with Lizzie Gardner:

Calling all womxn improvisers!

Our colleague Taj Ruler writes:

Calling all womxn improvisers! Taj Ruler and Emily Schmidt are once again bringing their improv and diary extravaganza, OMG, to the HUGE Theater stage.

THE SHOW: OMG features a cast of six people reading from their actual adolescent diaries/yearbooks/notes and improvises based on the material. All six read, all six improvise. Taj Ruler will be hosting this upcoming run at HUGE and the cast will be different each Saturday.

THE RUN: Saturdays, 8-9:15pm, with a strict 7:15pm call time.


WANNA PLAY? Great! We’d love to have you. Just make sure that you have something tangible you can read, whether it’s a diary entry, a short story you wrote, a yearbook entry, etc.

If interested, please send a brief bio/improviser resume (ie: how many levels of classes have you taken/years of experience) and the dates you’d be available to play to by Monday April 15th.

Thanks! Looking forward to hearing from you!

HUGE Artist Summit – Two Saturdays: April 20 & 27, 2019

Hey you! Yes, you! Do you create or perform in improv shows? Do you produce or direct improv shows? Would you like to learn how to be even more successful? HUGE is hosting an Artist Summit to answer the questions we are asked most often.  We perceive this to be part of a great ongoing conversation, and invite you to join us for it. This event is no fee, but we do need a headcount, please register here.


Saturday April 20th at HUGE Theater  

Session #1 – Saturday 4/20 10am-12pm  “Producer’s Toolkit” with Rita Boersma & Butch Roy

Session #2 – Saturday 4/20 2-4PM “Coaching Improv” with Lizzie Gardner

Saturday April 27 at HUGE Theater

Session #3 – Saturday 4/27 10am-12pm PANEL: “Occupying Margins or Smashing the Divide a panel discussion on gender and pronouns” with C Michael Menge, Britt Johnson, Katie Knepler, m.a.x power facilitated by Jex Arzayus

Session #4 – Saturday 4/27 2pm-4pm  “Presenting the Show” with Bryce Kalal

Session #1 – Saturday 4/20 10am-12pm  “Producer’s Toolkit” with Rita Boersma & Butch RoyIn this session, Rita & Butch will address how to be an improv producer from the roots up, specifically focused on producing a show at HUGE with applications far beyond. Includes plenty of time for Q & A. Rita Boersma is the Artistic Director of HUGE Theater. Butch Roy is the Executive Director of HUGE Theater.
Session #2 – Saturday 4/20 2-4PM “Coaching Improv” with Lizzie GardnerCoaching an improv team to achieve their goals is an art form. This session with Lizzie Gardner will arm you to be an organized, effective, adaptive, resourceful improv coach.  Lizzie Gardner is a member of Shrieking Harpies and Guts & Teeth, is a HUGE Theater teacher, and is on the leadership team of Fairplay MN that works to help promote and create safe and trusting comedy and theater spaces for womxn-trans-non binary improvisers. She is the former Program Director for the Brave New Workshop Student Unión and has performed around the Twin Cities with many different groups, at the Brave New Workshop and HUGE Theater among many others. She has also coached many groups with a variety of different goals and structures in the last 6 years.
Session #3 – Saturday 4/27 10am-12pm PANEL: “Occupying Margins or Smashing the Divide a panel discussion on gender and pronouns” with C Michael Menge, Britt Johnson, Katie Knepler, m.a.x power facilitated by Jex Arzayus This panel will discuss the importance of gender identity and pronouns. Gender is not the binary you may have been raised to believe it is. A frank moderated discussion of personal experiences of what gender means and how to navigate it in your teams, auditions and classes.
Session #4 – Saturday 4/27 2pm-4pm  “Presenting the Show” with Bryce KalalThe difference between a starving artist and an international superstar isn’t years of experience or unmistakable talent—it’s the presentation. In this workshop, Bryce Kalal will guide you through each stage of a live production, and demonstrate how you can win over the crowd before your first scene. From incorporating tech, to hosting, to space-work and more, you’ll learn to see your show from the audience’s perspective. There will be a short presentation, large group exercises, and small group scenes with coaching.Bryce Kalal joined the Twin Cities improv community as a HUGE Theater student in 2013. Today, he is a regular performer, producer, director, tech, and house manager. Outside of improv, he is an active musician, writer, editor, videographer, actor, and sketch artist. You can catch him almost every Thursday as host of Space Jam, or listen to his music at

Register here!

We have set up Zoom meetings so that you can participate in the HUGE Artist Summit using your computer or phone.  Zoom is a meeting software, you can download the app or just use your browser. You can even dial in!
Artist Summit Day 1
Time: Apr 20, 2019 10:00 AM Central Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting
Dial by your location        +1 646 876 9923 US (New York)        +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)        +1 408 638 0968 US (San Jose)        +1 647 558 0588 Canada        +57 2 620 7388 Colombia        +57 1 508 7702 Colombia        +44 203 966 3809 United Kingdom        +44 203 695 0088 United Kingdom        +65 3165 1065 Singapore        +65 3158 7288 SingaporeMeeting ID: 102 267 787Find your local number:
Artist Summit Day 2Time: Apr 27, 2019 10:00 AM Central Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting
Dial by your location        +1 646 876 9923 US (New York)        +1 408 638 0968 US (San Jose)        +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)        +1 647 558 0588 Canada        +57 1 508 7702 Colombia        +57 2 620 7388 Colombia        +44 203 695 0088 United Kingdom        +44 203 966 3809 United Kingdom        +65 3158 7288 Singapore        +65 3165 1065 SingaporeMeeting ID: 688 113 128Find your local number:

Audition Announcement: Bummertown!

Bummertown is adding cast members for our upcoming run at HUGE Improv Theater in July and August. (9:30PM Fridays)

Auditions are Saturday, April 13, at HUGE. If you’re interested in auditioning, please fill out Audition Interest Form by midnight, March 30.

Important Dates and More Information About the Show:

Bummertown is an improvised show that offers a fresh look at the intersection of comedy and sad comedy – major downers and hilarity, intertwined. The show is an independent production created by Dan Jaquette and directed by Molly Chase. 

Bummertown is seeking ensemble members who have 3+ years performance experience and who are interested in treating serious topics with truth and humor. We’re seeking performers who are comfortable giving/taking focus and building scenes through honest action and reaction.

– Six rehearsals will be scheduled. Five rehearsals will be Saturday mornings  at HUGE, from 10am to noon in May and June. (The schedule avoids the weekends of Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and TCIF.) The sixth rehearsal will be scheduled mid-run, with the date determined by full cast availability.

– Auditions will be held the afternoon of Saturday, April 13, at HUGE. If you cannot be available that day, but still want to be considered for the cast, you can indicate that in the form

– The audition schedule will be emailed on or before Tuesday, April 2. 

Feel free to send any questions to Thanks!


Yay! It’s March 1st and you know what that means! Well, you might not because this is the first time it means this, but…the HUGE Show Proposal Form is back open! We will be taking show submissions from March 1st-30th to book for the second half of the year. We’re so excited to hear from you. All the info is in the form but if you have any additional questions, email

If you do not see the form below – click HERE

Attenborough 2019 Cast

Thank you, yet again, to all those who came out to audition for Attenborough. It was so hilariously beautiful to watch everyone do this absurd thing. It literally never gets easier to make these decisions. Not ever. 

Here is the 2019 cast for Attenborough*:

  • Becky Hauser
  • Bobby Gardner
  • Emily Lindholm
  • Erin Kennedy
  • Erin Sheppard
  • Jen Scott
  • Justin Betancourt
  • Kelly Sheehy
  • Mark Benzel
  • Molly Ritchie
  • Sean Dillon
  • Susannah Eckburg
  • Will Schroeder
  • Zoa Dru

Directed by Rita Boersma

*Attenborough is an independent production not a HUGE production.

Improvised History Auditions

Auditions for a new “improvised history” show to run at HUGE Theater Friday nights at 8pm in May/June. All experience levels wanted. No knowledge of history required. Please fill out the form on or before 5pm, JANUARY 31.
Directed by: Bradley Machov

Saturday, February 9, 10a-3p
Wednesday, February 13, 5:30-7:30p
at HUGE Improv Theater

Saturdays 12p-2p, February 23- May 4 (EXCEPT Mar 23)
at HUGE Improv Theater


[NOTE: This show is not produced by HUGE, but we thought you’d like the 411 on auditions]

On being there for each other…literally

Jill here. We recently received a note on our Anonymous Contact form about improvisors leaving early on Sundays and Wednesdays, copied below. It’s a really nice summary of how important it is to your fellow performers that you stick around to watch their sets, a best practice we endorse.

Here’s what I want to say about it. There are things that are outside of HUGE Theater’s control, and decisions people make for themselves. Of course we’d encourage everyone to stay and support their colleagues — but this is not a mandate we can make on people who are volunteering their time, and no one should feel shamed.

If you’re feeling the energy to modify others’ behavior, please speak to them yourself and lead the change. This particular issue is one I used to spend a lot of time being upset about. I would confront people as they headed to the exit and they always had good reasons: an early wake-up, family obligations, etc. Sometimes they just had a low tolerance for improv, which is valid. After years of misery I realized I can’t set other people’s priorities and professional ethics for them and the best strategy is to do an improv set so good that they will hear about it later and feel stupid for missing it.

Here is the text of the anonymous message we received: 

I have noticed during Improv A Go-Go and HUGE Wednesdays that when groups perform (1st,2nd,3rd) they will often leave instead of coming back into the theater to support the groups after them.

I completely understand that people must get home to kids, or have an early morning, and I am definitely guilty of leaving shows early myself simply because I felt like it- but my issue comes when it’s a habit and every member of a group leaves early, every show. I think of HUGE as a community, so we should support each other, and leaving as soon as your group is done doesn’t show a lot of that spirit-sometimes there’s almost a ‘diva vibe’ that happens when group “”A”” has been supported/watched by groups B,C, and D, but as soon as “”A”” is done performing they don’t return the courtesy to support the others.

Obviously, there is a little clear out of audience members during intermission (because the people they want to support have performed already) and there’s not much we can do about that except potentially having groups with large draws perform after intermission, but what we can control (or at least influence or heavily suggest) is that the performers stick around after intermission and after their own performance.

We can’t know what is happening for each individual in their life, but when a big group is consistently leaving early every show, it shows not just to the performers, but to the audience. Maybe there should be a post/discussion about this on a HUGE performer or community page? I was never outright suggested to stick around by HUGE as a performer, but maybe this can be pushed more (with a gentle understanding that sometimes people really can’t stick around)?

I know this feeling is shared by other performers. I love what we do here, I love the opportunities HUGE brings, and this feedback was written with the best intentions to continue supporting our community.