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Casting Announced – Election Show

We are stoked to announce the cast of ELECTION! We had just under seventy people audition, and we had an absolute blast seeing the incredible talent and enthusiasm that runs rampant in the Twin Cities improv community. It was extremely difficult to finalize this cast, and we are exceedingly thankful to everyone who took the time to audition. See you in September!
–Bradley and Dan


The Cast:


 Aaron Cook
Tane Danger
Greg Eiden
Lizzie Gardner
Sami Haeli
Ellen Jaquette
AlysshaRose Jordan
Anna Tobin
Maureen Tubbs
Abe vanderBent

Casting Announced – Attenborough

We are excited to announce the cast of Attenborough: The Improvised Nature Documentary.
There was exceptional turnout for this audition and we were floored by the level of commitment to movement and beautifully portrayed animals. We are not exaggerating when we say we could have easily cast this show three times over. Thank you to all who auditioned.


– Rita, Michael, and Erin


Justin Betancourt
Jacob Fate
Bobby Gardner
Becky Hauser
Erin Kennedy
Emily Lindholm
Heather Meyer
Lupe Muraszewski
Erik Nielson
Michael Ritchie
Jen Scott
Kelly Sheehy
Erin Sheppard



IAGG lottery updates

Just a quick note to let everyone know there will be some changes to how the IAGG lottery results are posted – we’ve had a number of instances over the last year, probably caused by the volume of lottery entries, the fact that some entries are 3 months before the drawing and some are because the lottery entry form can sometimes be treated like a scratchpad for ideas with people throwing ideas in the form 5-6 at a time and then forgetting all about them.

As a result we’ve had :

People not noticing their group has been selected and scheduled – and then as a result, not showing up to perform when scheduled

People not know which groups in the lottery are theirs – either because the names are very similar or because they submitted enough names that they lost track and then have to email to ask “are any of those mine?” when the results are posted or just seeing it and not realizing it is their group…and then not showing up to perform when scheduled.

Every time we have to fill in a hole in the calendar, it not only impacts the staff because we are having to scramble to find a group to perform at the last minute (groups that don’t have a proper chance to get the word out) but also the other groups because the IAGG depends on the performers to help promote the shows, so it means smaller audiences for the other 3 groups that hustled and showed up to perform like they’re supposed to.

SO – beginning with the next IAGG lottery :

The lottery draw will happen as normal – a full, random waitlist will be drawn at the same time as usual

When the lottery results are done they will be emailed out as normal, posted here in the performer blog and a link will go up in the Facebook group “HUGE Information Central” with the primary contact person listed for each group tagged.

We will begin asking for a confirmation reply from the primary contact person within a week – the confirmation deadline will be included in the email and all posts.

Groups that miss the confirmation deadline will be removed and we will contact the next group on the waitlist and continue until we have a full calendar and confirmations from everyone.

This is obviously several more steps in the process but this seems much better than just hoping people promote the show and show up to perform, which is all we really ask.


Let me know via email if you have any questions

Thank you 

Butch Roy



ELECTION is holding auditions for its run at HUGE Theater on Saturdays at 8pm in September and October. ELECTION is an improvised election. Using real issues and fake candidates, each show will feature the nominating conventions of two competing parties, a debate, and Election Day itself–along with the candidates and their staff on the campaign trail, studio check-ins with political pundits, and attack ads.
Show run: Saturdays at 8pm, September/October at HUGE
Auditions will take place at HUGE Theater in half-hour slots on the following days:
 –  Saturday, June 18th – 10am-12pm
 –  Sunday, June 19th, 12pm-3pm
To schedule an audition please fill out this form:
A minimum of eight rehearsals will be held on weekends from the middle of June through the end of August. Rehearsal dates and times will be decided prior to finalizing casting.
If you have any questions, please email Bradley at
Elections are serious business, so satirizing them should be even seriouser. Along with generally solid improv skills, we’re looking for people who project confidence on stage and can say ridiculous things with the type of sincerity embodied by the best politicians and pundits. The show will feature current events in some fashion, so at least a passing interest in the news of the day is preferred.
Produced and directed by Bradley Machov and Dan Linden

Audition Notice: Attenborough

Casting for first run of “Attenborough: The Improvised Wildlife Documentary” at HUGE Improv Theater.
Improvisers with experience in (or comfort with) movement-based performance wanted for a long-form improv show based on BBC nature films. Performers will be portraying animals through movement and vocalization, as well as improvising dialogue as scientists, wildlife photographers, etc ***
Show runs Saturday nights at 10:30, September 3 – October 29 at HUGE
Rehearsals are Thursday nights 7:30-9:30, June 23 – September 1 (accommodating some breaks for Fringe).
Produced by Rita Boersma, Michael Ritchie, and Erin Sheppard.

Sunday, May 29; 4:30 – 6:30pm
Thursday, June 2; 6 – 8pm
HUGE Improv Theater: 3037 Lyndale Ave S. Mpls, MN 55408.
Please bring any known conflict dates for rehearsals and performances.
Please wear closed-toe shoes and come dressed for movement.

To schedule an audition please email Rita Boersma at no later than Friday, May 27 and indicate which audition date/dates you are available.

For all other questions please contact Michael Ritchie at MKLRITCHIE@GMAIL.COM.

*** Please note: This show has the potential to be very physical. Performers will be portraying animals for the most part and should be comfortable being in close contact with other performers, in addition to performing movement-driven scenes.

IAGG Anniversary Tickets Now Available


Our sweet little show is a snotty teenager and it’ll have to follow the rules as long as it lives under my roof!  Don’t you roll your eyes….Don’t you walk awayI’m talking to you!!!DON’T YOU DARE SLAM THAT DOOR!!!


* Five Man Job
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* Cross Weaving
* Impropera
* Solo/Ensemble


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