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Throwback auditions open!

Use this form to request an audition for and/all of the following groups:
The Harold – Directed by Lauren Anderson & Lizzie Gardner
Rehearsals :: Sundays 10am-Noon (First 3 rehearsals at location other than HUGE)
Armando – Directed by Jill Bernard; Assistant Director – Liz Council
Rehearsals :: Saturdays 2-4p
Close Quarters – Directed by Hannah Wydeven; Assistant Director – Alexis Camille
Rehearsals :: Saturdays 12-2p

AUDITION TIMES will be scheduled:
Saturday 10/13 from 10am-5pm
Monday 10/15 from 4pm-7pm
Options will be removed as time slots fill
Throwback Night will run Fridays at 8pm in January and February at HUGE Theater
Please check to make sure you are able to make the scheduled rehearsal times for the show(s) you would like to audition for – rehearsals will run 8-10 weeks (approximately end October-early Jan with breaks for the holidays), cast are expected to miss no more than 2 rehearsals.
The Harold -Sundays 10am-Noon, late Oct – early Jan
Armando – Saturdays 2-4p, late Oct-early Jan
Close Quarters – Saturdays 12-2p, late Oct-early Jan
If you don’t see the form below please CLICK HERE

We want to see you all of you there. Yeah, even you. And you! And also you.


Improvathon Kickoff Meeting!

It’s official: the 2018 HUGE Theater Improvathon will begin at 8PM on Wednesday, November 14 and end at 11:59 PM on Thursday, November 15!

To get ready for these 28-hours, we’ll have an kickoff meeting on Sunday, October 7th, at 6PM. Come to this meeting to get all the info for HUGE’s annual Improvathon. We’ll give tips, tricks and answer any questions you or your team might have.

Improvathon is HUGE’s most important fundraiser of the year, as well as a chance for the larger community – students, performers and audience — to get together. In years past, the Improvathon has been the impetus for brand new groups to form. It is also an important opportunity for many students and performers to get on stage and show their friends and family – inside and outside the Twin Cities — why improv and HUGE are important to them.

Systems new and old

Some Updates, some new News and some old News you may not have known!

One of the strange upsides to big internal changes – like bringing our new Artistic Director on board and up to speed – is having to explain our systems and what they’re meant to do.

It gives us a rare chance to stop and look at many of the systems we’ve put in place over the years, take a really good look at how we do things and ask ourselves if they still make sense or if there’s a better way to handle show proposals, communicating with artists, the flow of information to producers and more.

We also uncovered some areas where we’ve put systems and internal policies in place that aren’t flashy or newsworthy on their own, but artists (or other theater companies – some of whom ask to use our policies as a template) might like to know about!

One of the most immediate changes is whom to contact about things!

THEN:  Butch had been a frequent point of contact for artistic matters only because he is one of the only full time staff and is always online to field questions more quickly.

NOW:  Rita is the person to contact about all artistic matters –  show proposal questions, auditions, ideas you would like to discuss, changes to your show proposal or upcoming run of shows – Basically, if it appears on stage or is part of getting your idea ready for the stage : Rita.

Butch will still head up logistics questions and production support – things that require revisions to the website, about staffing or technical needs for your shows – Basically, the building, staff, website, ticketing system or all the invisible bits of production support would go to Butch.

If you’re still not sure where to send your question, idea, concern, etc – please feel free to email both Rita and Butch and we can help!  
Always feel free to ask  – and / or –

Show Proposal changes

As Rita posted recently – the Show Proposal system has changed!
THEN:  The show proposal form stayed open at all times to capture the fully-formed pitches for productions looking for a stage, crazy new ideas that might need some help to bring to life and everything between – which created a constant backlog and left lots of people waiting and we sometimes ended up following up on ideas that people had moved on from, forgotten about or from groups that no longer existed.

NOW:  The form will open twice per year to cover the upcoming “season” with enough time to get shows booked and confirmed, schedule auditions (if needed) and make sure artists and HUGE have enough time to properly promote upcoming shows
Every proposal will get a confirmation email from Rita and the seasonal schedules will be posted when they are booked and confirmed – shows will need to re-submit each season they would like to be considered, which will give HUGE a clear idea of which shows are active and ready for the season ahead and give producers and artists a clear, timely answer so they aren’t left waiting on HUGE when they could be looking at other venues or opportunities.

:: One system that we’ve had in place for years is designed to manage conflicts of interest and avoid nepotism in our pipeline process, being an artist-led company we knew this would be an issue early on –  which is why no member of the HUGE management is allowed to book their own groups or shows for our stage. Those productions must be approved independently by another member of the management team.

This policy remains in place and extends to shows by/featuring any performer currently or previously in a relationship with HUGE staff – to make sure our process is serving our community with an even hand as well as protect artists by preventing anyone from being able to extend or withhold consideration inappropriately  ::

Info to/from producers and casts

This is an area that many people may not know about as well as something we’re working to expand – As part of our efforts to make sure we’re hearing from the artists we serve about their experiences at HUGE, we’ve had a policy of asking for feedback from shows.

:: we ALWAYS encourage everyone to reach out and contact us if there is a concern, question or something that just doesn’t feel right – please – at any time, using whichever channel you feel most comfortable using ::

THEN: After the close of a show, Breanna would send a Google Form to the director/producer/point of contact for the show and/or Facebook group about the run of the show – those answers would be collected and shared with the Artistic Director and Executive Director and show directors.

NOW:  We now ask for names and emails for all cast members so we can send the feedback form directly to cast and follow up directly if needed.
We’ve also added another round of feedback to HUGE productions (and are trying to find a good way to coordinate with outside productions as well) in an effort to hear concerns sooner so we can have conversations and make adjustments while the show is open rather than waiting until it is too late to hear about things that could’ve been addressed – that will be collected toward the end of the rehearsal process so we can hear about rehearsals and how the cast is feeling heading into opening of a run and then again at the close of the show.

All the feedback is seen by the Artistic Director and Executive Director – feedback that is meant for the Directors will be compiled and shared with them via email and/or in person to ask any follow up questions to help us all improve the process and experience of performing, producing, directing and being directed at HUGE.

Reporting from Directors: We’ve added language to make sure directors are letting HUGE know about issues within their casts, even if matters are discussed and handled to the satisfaction of everyone involved.
Every complaint from a cast member about another cast member, regardless of severity or outcome, must be documented with theater management.
We are looking for patterns of behavior across shows and over time.

Auditions and Casting

One of the most sensitive areas there is – also one we’ve quietly made some changes and put systems in place and continue to look at for ways to make the experience more welcoming, rewarding and transparent.
The biggest changes over the past years have been focused on inclusion. We have been making sure (as best we can based on scheduling needs) the auditioning groups are more diverse by making sure no one is ever “the only” in an audition group, i.e. the only female-identified performer in a group of men, or the only person of color with a group of white performers.

Likewise, the expansion of the audition panel to make sure we have a variety of eyes and ears and voices included in the process of casting – In addition to increasing representation among the decision-making in an audition process, we hope this increases the chances that an auditioner will see someone who looks like them “behind the table” in theater jargon.

We hope this representation means there will be someone in authority to help recognize and call out problematic situations that come up in audition scenes, in hopes of removing the burden from the auditioned.

:: Our conflict of interest policy explicitly covers auditions as well – not only are HUGE staff  prohibited from making casting decisions about someone that is a conflict of interest (anyone in a current or previous romantic or business relationship), they will not be present for those auditions – this has been the case for some time and has worked invisibly and silently as audition rosters list conflicts and staff members remove themselves from the audition space for the duration without any action required from the person auditioning ::

Producer Info Packets

Some smaller things that we hope will get info to the right eyeballs is the revision of show info and creation of a central place to find it – from our Show Guidelines to HUGE’s current payment model for shows to image specs for both HUGE and social media – this is where the information will live and will be updated.
If you visit the HUGE Performer Pages – the top button on the right will direct you to this information – as does the newly-revised “Your Show Is Booked” packet that is emailed to every show when they are booked and confirmed.

Thanks for reading
– Butch

New Show Proposal Process

Ok! So to keep a fresh and current cycle of show proposals going, we’re going to try to open the form only twice a year for a limited amount of time.

We schedule most shows 3-8 months out, (though we hold a few programming slots open to have greater flexibility to schedule 1-3 months out).
To start this experiment, we are going to:
– open the Show Proposal Form now and keep it open for two months.
– open it again March 1st for one month.
– Moving forward we will open the form on September 1st and March 1st, to accommodate for each half of the year.
We’re leaving it open a little longer this first time to get adjusted.

We want to encourage performers to re-submit each cycle if it is still a current group or if it is still an idea you are passionate about.
You will receive notification once your Proposal is reviewed and you will be notified, one way or another, if your show will be included in the next scheduling cycle. If it is not, try again!
We’re excited about your ideas and want to make sure you stay excited about them too.
Let us have it!

Family Dinner Audition Schedule

If you cannot make your scheduled time, please email AND to let us know right away – we have a LARGE wait list for this round of auditions and want to fill your spot if you cannot make it or decide not to come.
Please plan on arriving 15 minutes prior to your audition to check in and warm up with your group.

If you are not currently scheduled for an audition, you can join the wait list HERE

Saturday Sept 22nd – Morning Schedule

10:00 AM 10:30 AM 11:00 AM 11:30 AM 12:00 PM 12:30 PM
Mawrgyn Roper Philip Simondet Alicia Wheelock Cicely Robin Laing Bethany McHugh Jonathan Reek
Monique Dargis Amy Derwinski Jacob Randall Mary Ruebel Matthew McCloud Mackenzi Brophy
Ellie Hino Carl Olson Erica Solomon Lizzie Gardner Martin Wessels Liz Council
Mara Emmons Seniz Lennes Mike Koscielny Wells Farnham Maureen Tubbs Justin Betancourt
Derek Landseidel Jeff Kaisershot Mike Fotis Michael Deneen John Bickford Pam Franklin
Chris Harrington Casey Holmstrom Gurayn Sylte Tom Winner Kya Fischer Janay D Henry

Saturday Sept 22nd – Afternoon Schedule

4:00 PM 4:30 PM 5:00 PM 5:30 PM 6:00 PM 6:30 PM
Adam Iverson Alejandro Aguirre Christian Unser Abe vanderBent Sean Dillon Anna Tobin
Lauren Chesnut Rachel Nielsen Michael Rogers Emily Townswick Kelsey McGregor Bryce Kalal
Vicky Nierengarten Ariel Starzinski Tommy Caravello Hannah Wydeven Katy Kessler Ryan Klima
Eric Geistfeld Neil CarlinSchauer Robbie Darling Edd Jones Cherelle-Renee Childs Zoa Dru
Julietta Benson Molly Chase Jeffrey Ross Kyle CarlinSchauer Craig Corsi Jennifer Adriene Burks
Danielle Heinert Amee Nefzger Banks Erik Ostrom Susannah Eckberg Will Schroeder Siri Hellerman

Monday Sept 24th – Evening Schedule

5:00 PM 5:30 PM 6:00 PM 6:30 PM
Amy Zajack Vann Daley Eric Brown Katie novak
Erik Hoversten Breanna Cecile Michael DallaValle Erik Nielsen
Peter Pierce MJ Marsh Michael Renner Katie Moen
Andy Christian Anna Marie Schmidt Sam Baker Harris Bradley Machov
Chris Barth Jen Scott Madhu Bangalore Liv Augusta
Valerie Hurst Alexis Camille AlysshaRose Jordan Brid Henrey

Auditions: Family Dinner 2018

Family Dinner is holding auditions!

Please fill out the form below to request an audition time for Family Dinner 2018 – directed by Rita Boersma

Family Dinner, created by M Ritchie and now in its 7th year at HUGE, is improvised realism. An unscripted dramatic comedy in two acts about a family gathering for a holiday meal. Act One is the arrival and Act Two takes place at the dinner table sharing REAL FOOD.

Family Dinner will run Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm in November and December at HUGE Improv Theater
You must be able to make at least 6 of the shows.

AUDITION times will be scheduled:
Saturday 9/22, 10am-1pm & 4pm-7:30pm
Monday 9/24, 5-7pm

You must be able to attend at least 4 of the 5 rehearsal times:
Sunday 9/30, 1-3pm
Saturday 10/6, 1-3pm
Saturday 10/13, 1-3pm
Saturday 10/20, 1-3pm
Saturday 10/27, 1-3pm

If you do not see the form below – CLICK HERE

A note from the new AD

Hi! Geez, it’s hard to be new. I have shared with some people how disorienting it is to feel like you are so deeply familiar with a place and then get on the other side of it and somehow feel like a stranger. Anyway, week three here as AD at HUGE and…well, woof. There’s a lot!

At the HUGE Happy Hour a few weeks ago, I spoke to the totally-fair-for-an-AD-question that lots of people ask — “So, what is your artistic vision for HUGE?” — and, kid, I wish I had a knock-your-socks-off inspiring answer for you. But the honest answer is: I don’t know yet. I am excited to be here. I am excited to see where HUGE will go and I am excited to help build out that map. But I am also really excited with how far HUGE has already come and everything it is already doing. So right now, I’m learning. I want to figure out what makes this place tick. My goal is not to come in and flip every table and change everything just for the sake of putting my signature all over it. I don’t think that makes a good leader. I want to take everything in, do my research, keep doing the hard work and believe that, no matter what, we can always do more and do better. And we will.

I am excited to find ways to bring in new people to HUGE. I want to keep stretching people’s ideas around what improv is capable of, for performers and audiences. I want to keep getting new and diverse performers on our stage so that more communities feel represented and seen. I’m looking forward to being a directorial and coaching resource to groups and shows that are performing. I want to keep making this an even more inclusive and safe space for everyone. I want to keep putting awesome work up.

Some things I am looking at now: Well, the calendar mostly. Making sure every boat is set to sail there. I also want to revamp the Show Proposal process to maybe only be open twice a year so that we are always getting current proposals with people who are excited and willing to do the work behind them. More on that soon! I am getting Directors together for Throwback Night and getting those logistics in place so that we can get auditions announced soon…ish. I am asking Butch and Jill and John and Breanna and Molly, and honestly anyone who stands near me, just so many questions. All of them. I’ll ask you questions, too. Watch out.

Thanks for your support so far. You are all great.


Creature Feature and Ka-BAAM!! 2018 casts

We are thrilled to announce the casts of both Creature Feature and Ka-BAAM!!

Creature Feature – Fridays at 8pm in September and October:

Anna Tobin
Erin Kennedy
Julie Censullo
Deon Haider
Vanessa Tu
Salam Yosief
Kari Mellerup
Brian Hodge-Rice
Derek Landseidel
Cody Madison
Bret Meyer
Will Schroeder
Nico Moore

Ka-BAAM!! – Saturdays at 8pm in September and October:

Susannah Eckberg
Wells Farnham
Aaron Cook
Janay Henry
Craig Corsi
Ryan Klima
Eden Yosief
Daniel Mauleon
Bryce Kalal
Vann Daley
Kelsey McGregor
Erica Berglund
Mahmoud Hakima
Julietta Benson
Ian Welch
Please join us in congratulating everyone cast and thanks to everyone that came out to auditions!