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Audition Notice: Attenborough

Casting for first run of “Attenborough: The Improvised Wildlife Documentary” at HUGE Improv Theater.
Improvisers with experience in (or comfort with) movement-based performance wanted for a long-form improv show based on BBC nature films. Performers will be portraying animals through movement and vocalization, as well as improvising dialogue as scientists, wildlife photographers, etc ***
Show runs Saturday nights at 10:30, September 3 – October 29 at HUGE
Rehearsals are Thursday nights 7:30-9:30, June 23 – September 1 (accommodating some breaks for Fringe).
Produced by Rita Boersma, Michael Ritchie, and Erin Sheppard.

Sunday, May 29; 4:30 – 6:30pm
Thursday, June 2; 6 – 8pm
HUGE Improv Theater: 3037 Lyndale Ave S. Mpls, MN 55408.
Please bring any known conflict dates for rehearsals and performances.
Please wear closed-toe shoes and come dressed for movement.

To schedule an audition please email Rita Boersma at no later than Friday, May 27 and indicate which audition date/dates you are available.

For all other questions please contact Michael Ritchie at MKLRITCHIE@GMAIL.COM.

*** Please note: This show has the potential to be very physical. Performers will be portraying animals for the most part and should be comfortable being in close contact with other performers, in addition to performing movement-driven scenes.

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