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Audition Schedule: Small College Town

April 14th

12:30 – 1:00 1:00 – 1:30 1:30 – 2:00 2:00 – 2:30 2:30 – 3:00
Joseph McGowan Michael Renner John Bickford Brianna Kocka Kelsey Dilts McGregor
Nikhil Enugula Sarah Busch Courtney Miller Brooke Fanning Ryan Klima
Kayleen Barlow Anna Marie Schmidt Mara Klocksien Emily Townswick Lars Midthun
Janay D. Henry Phil Schramm Marty Wessels Laura Hild Amelia Helm
Ryan Sanderson Andy Christian Monique Dargis Jack Rybarczyk Rebecca Patterson
James Satter Travis Galloway Pamela Mazzone Michael Aultman Shelby Schroeder
Christian Unser Vicky Nierengarten Ben Wagner Kya Fischer Siri Hellerman
Kim Lambert Edd Jones Lilly Rotter Laura Berger Valerie Hurst
Madhu Bangalore Ryan Blix Linda Saetre Michael Deneen

April 21st

12:30 – 1:00 1:00 – 1:30 1:30 – 2:00 2:00 – 2:30 2:30 – 3:00
Joseph Facente Will Schroeder Alicia Eler Cherelle-Renee Childs Ava Bird
Gabby Vanden Avond Ariel Starzinski Julietta Benson Danielle Heinert Matt Tatone
Erik Hoversten Brad Krieger Mike Koscielny Max Beyer Jack Kelly
Issabelle Allen Brid Henry Ally Rae Max Besner Jenny Wahl
Jeffrey Ross Amanda Schille Amee Nefzger Banks Peter Centner Kyle Dekker
Jesse David Burrows Chris Ragnacci Adam M Mellerup Tommy Feichtinger Sabrina Diehl
Justin Betancourt Cicely Robin Laing Dan Schwartz Tommy Caravello Vanessa Tu
Kristen Marks Cody Madison Eric Geistfeld Amy Zajack Vann Daley
Ernest Olhead Mike McCarron Erica Solomon Hope Slusar Joey Hamburger

IAGG spring lottery results

The April 1st IAGG Lottery results:

Brown & Moody
Fast & Furious
Four Legs Good
Less Than Three
Lewis and Clark: The Improvised Musical
Meat & Cheese
Official Ostrich Committee
Subatomic Duck
Tobes & Prindy
Totally Cool
Trash Panda
Wahlberg and Wahlberg vs. The World

HUGE Artist Summit – Saturday April 28 & Sunday April 29, 2018

OH NO, THIS IS THE 2018 PAGE! Please click here for 2019 info.

Hey you! Yes, you! Do you create or perform in improv shows? Do you produce or direct improv shows? Would you like to learn how to be even more successful? HUGE is hosting an Artist Summit to answer the questions we are asked most often.  We perceive this to be the beginning of a great ongoing conversation, and invite you to join us for it. This event is no fee, but we do need a headcount, please register here.

Saturday April 28 at HUGE Theater  
Session #1 – 12-1:45pm “The Broad Overview” with Molly Chase & Butch Roy
Session #2 – 2-4PM “You want diversity, but are you inclusive?” with Ashawnti Ford & John Gebretatose

Sunday April 29 at HUGE Theater
Session #3 – 12-1:45pm “Marketing – How to get strangers to come see your show” with Brandon Boat & Alana Horton
Session #4 – 2-4pm “Graphic Design for Improvisers” with Sean Dillon & Beth Gibbs

Session #1 – Saturday 4/28 12-1:45pm  “The Broad Overview” with Molly Chase & Butch Roy 
In this session, Molly & Butch will tackle some of the questions and obstacles that all producers face, with an eye on venue relations. This will include the very basic questions “What IS an improv producer?”  and plenty of time for Q & A. Molly Chase is the Managing Director of HUGE Theater. Butch Roy is the Executive Director of HUGE Theater.
Session #2 – Saturday 4/28 2-4PM “You want diversity, but are you inclusive?” with Ashawnti Sakina Ford & John Gebretatose
This session will take you through the different areas that require thought and care to making your production inclusive. There will be a detailed outline that walks you through a production from the view of a patron and from the view of a cast member. We hope to have discussions and learn from each other along the way.Ashawnti Sakina Ford is an actress, teaching artist and improviser based in the Twin Cities. Her work is centered on social justice and arts accessibility. As a teaching artist, she has worked with Minneapolis public schools and charter schools facilitating workshops in theatre, improv and social justice. She has been seen across Twin Cities stages.John Gebretatose rose from the ranks of a HUGE Improv Theater student, to a HUGE Improv instructor and now also the Director of Diversity and Inclusion. He trained and worked at Brave New Workshop and has been performing stand-up, improv and sketch comedy in the Twin Cities for over 10 years. John is a founding member of one of the hottest new improv groups, Blackout. He is the co-creator of the Black and Funny Improv Festival. He is also one of the founding members of the sketch comedy show, Late Nights Minneapolis. He has traveled the world performing improv and teaching workshops.
Session #3 – Sunday 12-1:45pm  “Marketing – How to get strangers to come see your show” with Brandon Boat & Alana Horton 
This session will give you an overview of successful marketing and promotion practices in order to get audiences to your show. You will learn about beginning and advanced techniques including branding, social media, postcards, developing a press kit, using surveys, and buying advertising. You will receive sample materials and other resources to help you out at whatever your familiarity.Brandon Boat has been performing improv for over 15 years and is one of the co-founders of The Theater of Public Policy. Since becoming a full-time improv performer, he has performed 300+ times. His projects have received media coverage over 50+ times. He has performed in 30 cities around Minnesota and has toured nationally. Foundations and state agencies have awarded over $175,000 in grant funding for his improv shows.Alana Horton is a performer, director, visual artist, marketer and graphic designer with a particular interest in new work and ensemble-driven creation. She is a core company member of Savage Umbrella and has collaborated in various ways with Red Eye Theater, New Epic Theater, Bedlam Theatre, Dolan/Herringa, Raw Sugar, Dangerous Productions, Collective Unconscious Performance, Little Lifeboats and more.
Session #4 – Sunday 4/29 2-4pm “Graphic Design for Improvisers” with Sean Dillon & Beth K. Gibbs
Giving your improv show or group a visual identity is an important step in promoting your work and letting the world know what you’re all about. In this session, Beth and Sean will provide a broad overview on how to put your visual best foot forward, from technical tools and techniques, to aesthetic advice and best practices from their own experiences.Sean Dillon is an improv performer, teacher, and director, based out of HUGE Theater. His other night job of the past 15 years is as a freelance graphic designer for Squid & Whale Design, focused on theatrical design locally and for theaters across the U.S. Some of his recent designs for HUGE include Off Book, Neutrino, Troika Mpls, and those fancy temporary tats in the gumball machine in the lobby.Beth K. Gibbs is a Twin Cities illustrator and improvisor. When she is not illustrating comedy posters and pet portraits, you can find her performing with her three-human comedy group, Ladyfriend, or co-hosting & producing, Totes Recall, a podcast about kind of remembering movies. Beth has trained at Brave New Workshop and HUGE Theater. Give her a donut and she will be your best friend forever.

Register here!



– Last day for audition sign ups is April 5th
– Audition dates will be sent on April 8th

The producer has the right to end sign ups early if audition size reaches a
maximum point but will work to see as many people as possible

Small College Town is holding auditions for its run at HUGE Theater on Fridays
at 8:00pm in July and August.

Small College Town is an improv show inspired by the classic forms of Spoon
River and Small Town. By adding a fun, collegiate twist to it, the show will follow
four people who will go through the college experience, from application to
graduation. In tandem with four players who will play everyone else. A new and
unique college town and experience will be created every night. Structure and
fun will allow the cast to dive deep into a big life change with all the twists and
turns that college brings, up until that last day.


Show run:  Fridays at 8:00pm, July/August at HUGE Theater
Auditions will take place at HUGE Theater in half-hour slots on the following
–  Saturday April 14th – 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
–  Saturday, April 21st, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

*** Please arrive early to fill out audition form and conflict sheets. No headshot or
resume will be needed.
To schedule an audition please fill out this FORM

Rehearsal dates and times:
May 5th, 12th 19th, 26th, June 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th
11:00 am to 1:00 pm

May 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, June 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th, July 2nd
5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

At the audition, you will be asked to notate conflicts that you have with any of the
rehearsal dates. It is possible to miss a few rehearsals however availability will
be factored into the casting decisions. If you have any questions regarding this,
please email

Rehearsals will be at HUGE Theaters and other rehearsal spaces and where
rehearsals are located will be communicated to performers in a timely fashion.
At least 50% of the cast will be comprised of people who have not been
cast for Wednesday or Friday/Saturday shows that have been at HUGE. If
you are early in your improv career, this would be a great project to audition for.
If you have any questions, please email Denzel Belin at

This project is celebration of a classic form with a new twist. We shall learn from
the past and each other to create a fun and engaging team and performance.
At auditions, please bring a strong sense of play, support, and creativity.
Having familiarity with the college experience is not required; this show will
celebrate everyone’s experiences and what they can bring to the table.

Small College Town will be produced and directed by Denzel Belin and assistant
directed by Mawrgyn Roper.

Glossary of Terms

Glossary of terms

Because of the changing nature of improv groups and productions, it’s useful to clarify the terms as HUGE is using them:

Show: Any production proposed and/or booked at HUGE

Group: May be a set cast (i.e. The Mess) or may be a production entity that assembles a cast for a run of show.

Producer: Person responsible for production support on the show side – may include all aspects of the group’s responsibilities outside of the artistic direction of show content, i.e. scheduling rehearsals, point of contact for logistics for both cast and venue, etc.

Director: Person responsible for the quality and content of what is performed on stage – point of contact with venue for matters of artistic vision and quality as well as any issues, concerns and feedback involving the cast.

Assistant Director: Responsible for working with the director to co-create and communicate the vision for the show with the cast through rehearsals and notes.

HUGE Production Team: The Artistic Director, Program Coordinator, Executive Director, Technical Director and Marketing Director. Currently our Executive Director (Butch Roy) is serving as Technical Director and Marketing Director in addition to other responsibilities.

HUGE 7 Year Anniversary Show Cast

January 27th, 2018 – 8pm – HUGE Theater celebrates 7 very unlikely and unpredictable years on our stage the only way we know how. With some improv, some laughter with some friends, another “generation” photo and some updates on the crazy year behind us and the crazier years in front of us.

Can you believe it was only what-feels-like-fifteen-years-ago?

The performing cast of the HUGE 7 Year Anniversary Show:

Anna Tobin
Aric McKeown
Becky Hauser
Butch Roy
Duck Washington
Erik Nielsen
Erin Kennedy
Erin Sheppard
Gregory Parks
Gubby Kubik
Hannah Wydeven
Jada Pulley
Jen Scott
Jill Bernard
Joe Bozic
Joe Rapp
John Gebretatose
Katy Kessler
Lizzie Gardner
Matt Slater
MJ Marsh
Molly Chase
Rita Boersma
Sally Foster
Sean Dillon
Spencer Retelle
Theo Langason

:: cast list subject to change ::


A Quick Note about Quick Notes!

I just wanted to post something about some of my posts, since I often get concerned messages from people that think they might be the person-in-question of a policy reminder or post meant to clarify why we do things the way we do – or see those posts as shaming or calling out someone they know.

I make a point of letting people know “I’m going to post about this” directly because if one person didn’t know or understand something, there’s a really good chance that there are more people that could benefit from the information – I don’t name them in posts (because that wouldn’t help anyone) but I do let them know it’s coming and only post after I have messaged them about the information and we’ve had some level of correction or discussion to try and find out why it happened or if there’s any other information we need, because that’s how we learn where the gaps are.

If you see a post and think “he’s talking about me – that’s a back-handed way to give me a note” but haven’t heard anything else from me, please let me assure you, I am not.
You may be among the group of people that also needs the information or I may have messaged with someone else in your group.

Sometimes we don’t know who did something and we try very hard not to post things scolding everyone for the actions of an individual or small group of people – and we actually have a rule against putting up signs in the space of “don’t do this!” because it’s very easy for a space that is used many ways by many, many people to fill up with nothing but negative messaging that way.

I don’t want the Facebook groups filling up with negative messages any more than the space – but we have found that we need to keep posting reminders and information about things because of how often we have brand new people to the space that are just encountering things for the first time.
So, if you see a policy reminder or a quick note about something – please keep in mind it is just meant to get the information to people that need it.

Thank you


Rated G casting announced

THIS JUST IN from the producers of Rated G!

“Thank you to everyone who auditioned this past weekend. We were overwhelmed by the amount of talent we saw, as well as the general excitement for continuing to bring family-friendly musical improv to HUGE Theater.
We are delighted to announce the casting for Rated G: The Improvised Family Friendly Musical, 2018:

Aaron Cook
Allison Winkler
Brynn Berryhill
Carl Olson
Dorothy Owen
Drew Tenenbaum
Edd Jones
Erin Kennedy
Mame Pelletier
Mark Sweeney
Max Beyer
Meghan Wolff
Nathan Kelly
Phillip Schramm
Sami Haeli
Seniz Lennes

Congratulations all!
Look for the magic to return to HUGE, March/April 2018!”

Cast announced: Myth and Legends

from Shea :  Thank you to everyone who auditioned – The Twin Cities is seriously full of amazing people!
I am delighted to announce the casting for Myth and Legends:

Andy Christian
Courtney Miller
Craig Corsi
Elisabeth Groebel
Katie Novak
Max Besner
Michael Deneen
Olivia Wulf

Congratulations all!

Throwback Night 2018 Casts Announced

We are extremely excited to announce the cast of the upcoming season of our annual Throwback Night shows – thank you all to those who auditioned!

Close Quarters – directed by Lauren Anderson and Nels Lennes

Chris Barth
Craig Corsi
Erik Hoversten
Erik Nielsen
Keren Gudeman
Michael Rogers
Pamela Mazzone
Ryan Vanasse
Sandra Struthers
Sam Beeson
Shannon Foy

La Ronde – directed by Michael Ritchie

Abe VanderBent
Adam Mellerup
Alicia Wheelock
Becci Schmidt
Clayton Anderson
John Eisenrich
Marty Wessels
Michael Weingartner
Tommy Caravello
Zoa Dru

The Living Room – directed by Jill Bernard

Aaron Cook
Cody Madison
Danielle Heinert
Kevin Albertson
Kya Fischer
Lucas Hines
Matt Axelson
Matt Slater
Michael DallaValle
Richard Ralston
Valerie Hurst
Vanessa Tu

Throwback Night casts begin working in October and the show opens January 5th!