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Throwback Night 2017 Audition Schedule – Saturday

Saturday – September 17th

Emily Townswick
Greg Eiden
Nathan Rouse
Davis Steen
Sarah Maxwell
Sarah Busch

12:30 PM
Anna Bergreen
Justin Betancourt
Alec Johnson
Elizabeth Council
Sally Foster
Erik Nielsen

1:00 PM
Erin Kennedy
Jeremy Barta
Karina Strom
Ned Heckman
Chris Harrington
Kelly Sheehy

1:30 PM
Graham Gilson
Christian Unser
Eric Brown
Leah Issacson
Frank Kolasch
Brad Van Regenmorter

2:00 PM
Amy Zajack
Danny Sussman
Douglas Cox
Mike Merino
Matt Peiken
Andy Katzung

2:30 PM
Anna Tobin
Bobby Gardner
Ricky Noren
Carl Olson
Kevin Albertson
Gavin Nachtigall

3:00 PM
Gubby Kubik
Maureen Tubbs
Michael Renner
Ryan Vanasse
Abe Vanderbent
Cicely Robin Laing
Nate Morse

3:30 PM
Michael Dallavalle
Kristi Battarbee
Lizzie Gardner
Gurayn Sylte
Jacob Fate
Matthew Arriola
Bryan pierce

4:00 PM
Ingrid Nuttall
Sarah Arnold
Jacob Olson
Peter Emmett Cowen
Lindsay St. Clair
Tessa Hilpipre
Courtney Miller

4:30 PM
Molly Chase
Sam Beeson
Rachel Sear
Philip Skretvedt
Ian Welch
Heather Meyer

5:00 PM
Ben Wagner
Lauren Chestnut
Anna Larranaga
Bette Bentley
Erica Solomon
Isabel Johnson

Throwback Night 2017 Audition Schedule – Thursday

** There are still times remaining on Saturday, September 17th **
Link to the signup form at the bottom of this post.

Schedule for Thursday, September 15th auditions – held in the HUGE Annex:

7:00 PM
Adam Iverson
Gretchen Grunzke
Phil Peterson
Kathleen Zabinski
Phil Schramm
John Eisenrich
Andy Sedivy
Anthony Neuman

7:30 PM
Richard Ralston
John Bickford
Sarah Turner
Jessica Ostendorf
Paul King
Joe Mcgowan
Tommy Caravello
Mike Koscielny

8:00 PM
Katie Novak
Clayton Anderson
Elyse Moretti
Spencer Rettelle
Heather Baldwin
Mary Ruebel
Josh Krauskopf
Jeff Kaisershot

8:30 PM
Sophie Brossard
Bradley Machov
Mark Jelinek
Max Besner
Wells Farnham
Joanna Nachtigall
Breanna Cecile
Dan Ruby

9:00 PM
Greg Klimowicz
Miranda Hoeferson
Jay Kistler
Michael Larson
Jeff Gyllen
Gavin Nachtigall
Chris Barth

9:30 PM
Matt Axelson
Andrea Ravich
Drew Kersten
Jackson Collins
Shea Roberts
Susannah Eckberg



Throwback Night 2017 Auditions

Signup for an audition time to be part of our annual showcase of classic long form improv structures with directors Mike Fotis, Jill Bernard and Hannah Wydeven! No familiarity with the forms is required.

Everyone is welcome to audition, even if you’ve been part of Throwback Night before!

If you cannot see the form below click HERE


IAGG Lottery : August 1st at Noon

The next IAGG Lottery happens tomorrow at noon – just a friendly reminder that it will take some time before the results of this lottery are published, please be patient.

Not only will we be starting the new confirmation process for all groups selected in the lottery, I will be traveling over that time so the exchange of emails for that confirmation process will be slower than normal for me.

Expect the IAGG schedule to be posted NO SOONER than August 15th.

Fringe Madness and More

HUGE is closed for Fringe.  No entry. No exceptions.

Despite several posts about the date of the shutdown, the no-exceptions nature of the shutdown and many many tweets and posts leading up to the shutdown…we started getting messages the very next day asking about stopping by to get things, videos, etc.

This is exactly what will drive me over the edge one day.

This is why we put a great deal of effort into communicating important information to everyone and trying to make sure it’s available in the formats and locations that can be most readily found and most widely accessible … but it still requires active participation on the part of the reader to check for updates, read them and take note of their meaning and impact.

We cannot do that for you.

Which is a good reminder that these performer pages are the primary source for official information – the posts here will still be linked on Facebook group until the end of 2016 – as these are publicly viewable and shareable pages (rather than a Facebook group that requires us to control and monitor membership and access) and there’s a handy search function built in to find whatever you are looking for.

For the sake of all our sanity – and more efficient communication – The search for any/all answers to common questions should begin here, not with “I’ll just message someone and ask them real quick” and don’t be shocked if the only answer you get back is “CHECK THE PERFORMER PAGES”



Thank you




Notes On The Fringe

Fringe Festival is almost upon us – always a nice break and a weird time of year!

Butch will be unreachable:  August 1st – August 12th

Fringe means a few things – most seriously and importantly is this one thing:
The building is not ours during the Fringe rental. 

The terms of the rental, for the sake of Fringe security and insurance, are such that they take full control of the building – and Fringe staff will be the only people with access to the space – no exceptions.

The Fringe are great to work with and we want to make sure we are not only keeping to the terms of our rental but also making sure they aren’t dealing with hassles – the same way they tell Fringe acts they aren’t allowed to contact the venue to see if they can “just sneak in to see the space” and we are expected to report anyone that does – the Fringe shouldn’t have to deal with anyone coming by HUGE to “sneak in to grab something” and will report to us anyone that does so.

It doesn’t matter if you have keys, it doesn’t matter if nobody from Fringe is there – after next Friday, please stay out of the building – No exceptions. Thank you.

Once Fringe is open – Please remember that Fringe staff do not know who all our people are and have no way of verifying anyone’s claim that they work here, are a student or anything else!  Keep that in mind. Be respectful and courteous.

Do not ask Fringe staff if you can go into the green room or anywhere else that the public does not have access to (and for god sake, do not sneak in or they will respond the same way we would if we caught a random person sneaking backstage!). If you have props, water bottles, phone chargers, whatever in the backstage – either remove it before Fringe or consider it off limits until August 18th.

I’m sorry if this seems harsh and/or repetitive but every year I post these rules and every year I get a text or email or something from someone saying “I think I left my _____ in the green room, is it ok if I come by and look for it?” or something similar.  The answer is not only “NO” but also “you were warned” and stories of how quick you’ll be or how important that thing is will not matter.



We only staff the bar for Fringe – Please remember to identify yourself as the bartender to the Fringe staff when you arrive to work your shift, clock in and everything else as normal.

Paychecks will be in the blue folder, which will be moved behind the bar for the Fringe – if you need to pick up your paycheck over the Fringe, you’ll have to stop by during open hours but BEFORE OR BETWEEN SHOWS since the Fringe has strict rules about late entry – let the Fringe staff know you’re there to pick up your paycheck and they will let you know when you can go in to get it from the bartender.



The Annex space is unaffected by the Fringe rental and all rehearsals proceed as normal

It’s worth noting that Fringe staff have no idea who belongs in the Annex, and therefore might be parking in the lot, so it is best to park in the remote lot for any Annex times over the Fringe – please pass this on to anyone in your group or anyone that might be attending your Annex times!



Casting Announced – Election Show

We are stoked to announce the cast of ELECTION! We had just under seventy people audition, and we had an absolute blast seeing the incredible talent and enthusiasm that runs rampant in the Twin Cities improv community. It was extremely difficult to finalize this cast, and we are exceedingly thankful to everyone who took the time to audition. See you in September!
–Bradley and Dan


The Cast:


 Aaron Cook
Tane Danger
Greg Eiden
Lizzie Gardner
Sami Haeli
Ellen Jaquette
AlysshaRose Jordan
Anna Tobin
Maureen Tubbs
Abe vanderBent

Casting Announced – Attenborough

We are excited to announce the cast of Attenborough: The Improvised Nature Documentary.
There was exceptional turnout for this audition and we were floored by the level of commitment to movement and beautifully portrayed animals. We are not exaggerating when we say we could have easily cast this show three times over. Thank you to all who auditioned.


– Rita, Michael, and Erin


Justin Betancourt
Jacob Fate
Bobby Gardner
Becky Hauser
Erin Kennedy
Emily Lindholm
Heather Meyer
Lupe Muraszewski
Erik Nielson
Michael Ritchie
Jen Scott
Kelly Sheehy
Erin Sheppard



IAGG lottery updates

Just a quick note to let everyone know there will be some changes to how the IAGG lottery results are posted – we’ve had a number of instances over the last year, probably caused by the volume of lottery entries, the fact that some entries are 3 months before the drawing and some are because the lottery entry form can sometimes be treated like a scratchpad for ideas with people throwing ideas in the form 5-6 at a time and then forgetting all about them.

As a result we’ve had :

People not noticing their group has been selected and scheduled – and then as a result, not showing up to perform when scheduled

People not know which groups in the lottery are theirs – either because the names are very similar or because they submitted enough names that they lost track and then have to email to ask “are any of those mine?” when the results are posted or just seeing it and not realizing it is their group…and then not showing up to perform when scheduled.

Every time we have to fill in a hole in the calendar, it not only impacts the staff because we are having to scramble to find a group to perform at the last minute (groups that don’t have a proper chance to get the word out) but also the other groups because the IAGG depends on the performers to help promote the shows, so it means smaller audiences for the other 3 groups that hustled and showed up to perform like they’re supposed to.

SO – beginning with the next IAGG lottery :

The lottery draw will happen as normal – a full, random waitlist will be drawn at the same time as usual

When the lottery results are done they will be emailed out as normal, posted here in the performer blog and a link will go up in the Facebook group “HUGE Information Central” with the primary contact person listed for each group tagged.

We will begin asking for a confirmation reply from the primary contact person within a week – the confirmation deadline will be included in the email and all posts.

Groups that miss the confirmation deadline will be removed and we will contact the next group on the waitlist and continue until we have a full calendar and confirmations from everyone.

This is obviously several more steps in the process but this seems much better than just hoping people promote the show and show up to perform, which is all we really ask.


Let me know via email if you have any questions

Thank you 

Butch Roy



ELECTION is holding auditions for its run at HUGE Theater on Saturdays at 8pm in September and October. ELECTION is an improvised election. Using real issues and fake candidates, each show will feature the nominating conventions of two competing parties, a debate, and Election Day itself–along with the candidates and their staff on the campaign trail, studio check-ins with political pundits, and attack ads.
Show run: Saturdays at 8pm, September/October at HUGE
Auditions will take place at HUGE Theater in half-hour slots on the following days:
 –  Saturday, June 18th – 10am-12pm
 –  Sunday, June 19th, 12pm-3pm
To schedule an audition please fill out this form:
A minimum of eight rehearsals will be held on weekends from the middle of June through the end of August. Rehearsal dates and times will be decided prior to finalizing casting.
If you have any questions, please email Bradley at
Elections are serious business, so satirizing them should be even seriouser. Along with generally solid improv skills, we’re looking for people who project confidence on stage and can say ridiculous things with the type of sincerity embodied by the best politicians and pundits. The show will feature current events in some fashion, so at least a passing interest in the news of the day is preferred.
Produced and directed by Bradley Machov and Dan Linden