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Contest4Improv4Humans Winner

We would like to thank everyone that came out yesterday to watch and take part in the contest – we are happy to announce that the winning group is jorts! Their video will be sent to improv4humans for the next round of competition Please join us in congratulating jorts and wish them luck in the… Read more »

HUGE 6 Year Anniversary Cast

[ Cause to celebrate with your oldest, dearest mates – Drums did crack and hands did shake ] The Anniversary cast is always far too small to include everyone that we would like to include in the event – we learned the answer to “how many people is too many?” a couple years ago when… Read more »

Contest4Improv4Humans Registration is CLOSED!

Registration is currently closed due reaching capacity – if you have any questions please email We will contact all groups with scheduling information as soon as possible Thank you!

Neutrino Video Project 2017 Cast Announced

It is our great pleasure to announce the cast of Neutrino Video Project 2017! This group will begin working on being both cast and crew – most of our cast are new to the Neutrino Video Project – opening Saturday nights in March/April 2017! Ashawnti Ford Becky Hauser Bobby Gardner Bryce Kalal Christian Unser Colin Anderson David Lipkin… Read more »

Neutrino Video Project 2017 Auditions

Neutrino Video Project 2017 Auditions will be held at HUGE Theater on December 6th and 11th The show will rehearse Thursday evenings from 8-10pm January – February Rehearsals move to Sundays, 4-6pm in March once the show opens. Shows are scheduled to run Saturdays at 8pm – opening Saturday, March 4th 2017! To apply for an audition time, fill out the… Read more »

Contest Coming

ITEM: HUGE has agreed to participate in a contest through improv4humans  Details, dates and rules will be announced and posted soon Prizes will include a trip to the Del Close Marathon for the final winners Since this is a contest for improvisers, we will be posting information primarily on our performer pages (as well as… Read more »

Programming News

Just a collection of updates around proposal / programming / production / pay : Show Proposals Small change to the proposal form to help us gather demographic data and get a better idea of who is in shows that are proposed to us – both are very important but neither will change your chances of your… Read more »

Upcoming HUGE Auditions for 2017

Just an update to let everyone know what is coming so they can plan (or freak out) accordingly – Based on the current plan for 2017 we are announcing the following: Neutrino Video Project December auditions / January rehearsal start / March open – Saturdays at 8pm KaBaam!! Late March auditions / April rehearsals start /… Read more »

All the HUGE news that is fit to blog

As I keep working on assembling everything we wanted to post from – and since – the Happy Hour with the Board, it became very clear that parts of the content were a little more “inside baseball” than the general public would be interested in and should be posted here so we could best address… Read more »

Throwback Night 2017 Cast Announced

We are extremely excited to announce the cast of the upcoming season of our annual Throwback Night shows – this year the casts are 2/3 performers that are new to Throwback Night! Close Quarters – directed by Mike Fotis Adam Iverson Elizabeth Council Erik Nielsen Gretchen Grunzke Jeff Gyllen John Eisenrich Justin Betancourt Michael Larson… Read more »