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Programming News

Just a collection of updates around proposal / programming / production / pay : Show Proposals Small change to the proposal form to help us gather demographic data and get a better idea of who is in shows that are proposed to us – both are very important but neither will change your chances of your… Read more »

Auditions at HUGE

:: As with all policy posts you will find on this site – if we are making reference to something that has actually happened, the people involved will be notified first but problems we face are often a good indicator that we need to post something for everyone’s information :: Auditions at HUGE Theater :… Read more »

Fringe Madness and More

HUGE is closed for Fringe.  No entry. No exceptions. Despite several posts about the date of the shutdown, the no-exceptions nature of the shutdown and many many tweets and posts leading up to the shutdown…we started getting messages the very next day asking about stopping by to get things, videos, etc. This is exactly what… Read more »

Notes On The Fringe

Fringe Festival is almost upon us – always a nice break and a weird time of year! FINAL NIGHT OF SHOWS:  JULY 29TH Butch will be unreachable:  August 1st – August 12th HAPPY HOUR WITH THE BOARD: AUGUST 18TH, 5-7PM HUGE SHOWS RESUME: AUGUST 19TH Fringe means a few things – most seriously and importantly is… Read more »

IAGG lottery updates

Just a quick note to let everyone know there will be some changes to how the IAGG lottery results are posted – we’ve had a number of instances over the last year, probably caused by the volume of lottery entries, the fact that some entries are 3 months before the drawing and some are because the… Read more »