Notes On The Fringe

Fringe Festival is almost upon us – always a nice break and a weird time of year!

Butch will be unreachable:  August 1st – August 12th

Fringe means a few things – most seriously and importantly is this one thing:
The building is not ours during the Fringe rental. 

The terms of the rental, for the sake of Fringe security and insurance, are such that they take full control of the building – and Fringe staff will be the only people with access to the space – no exceptions.

The Fringe are great to work with and we want to make sure we are not only keeping to the terms of our rental but also making sure they aren’t dealing with hassles – the same way they tell Fringe acts they aren’t allowed to contact the venue to see if they can “just sneak in to see the space” and we are expected to report anyone that does – the Fringe shouldn’t have to deal with anyone coming by HUGE to “sneak in to grab something” and will report to us anyone that does so.

It doesn’t matter if you have keys, it doesn’t matter if nobody from Fringe is there – after next Friday, please stay out of the building – No exceptions. Thank you.

Once Fringe is open – Please remember that Fringe staff do not know who all our people are and have no way of verifying anyone’s claim that they work here, are a student or anything else!  Keep that in mind. Be respectful and courteous.

Do not ask Fringe staff if you can go into the green room or anywhere else that the public does not have access to (and for god sake, do not sneak in or they will respond the same way we would if we caught a random person sneaking backstage!). If you have props, water bottles, phone chargers, whatever in the backstage – either remove it before Fringe or consider it off limits until August 18th.

I’m sorry if this seems harsh and/or repetitive but every year I post these rules and every year I get a text or email or something from someone saying “I think I left my _____ in the green room, is it ok if I come by and look for it?” or something similar.  The answer is not only “NO” but also “you were warned” and stories of how quick you’ll be or how important that thing is will not matter.



We only staff the bar for Fringe – Please remember to identify yourself as the bartender to the Fringe staff when you arrive to work your shift, clock in and everything else as normal.

Paychecks will be in the blue folder, which will be moved behind the bar for the Fringe – if you need to pick up your paycheck over the Fringe, you’ll have to stop by during open hours but BEFORE OR BETWEEN SHOWS since the Fringe has strict rules about late entry – let the Fringe staff know you’re there to pick up your paycheck and they will let you know when you can go in to get it from the bartender.



The Annex space is unaffected by the Fringe rental and all rehearsals proceed as normal

It’s worth noting that Fringe staff have no idea who belongs in the Annex, and therefore might be parking in the lot, so it is best to park in the remote lot for any Annex times over the Fringe – please pass this on to anyone in your group or anyone that might be attending your Annex times!