Fringe Madness and More

HUGE is closed for Fringe.  No entry. No exceptions.

Despite several posts about the date of the shutdown, the no-exceptions nature of the shutdown and many many tweets and posts leading up to the shutdown…we started getting messages the very next day asking about stopping by to get things, videos, etc.

This is exactly what will drive me over the edge one day.

This is why we put a great deal of effort into communicating important information to everyone and trying to make sure it’s available in the formats and locations that can be most readily found and most widely accessible … but it still requires active participation on the part of the reader to check for updates, read them and take note of their meaning and impact.

We cannot do that for you.

Which is a good reminder that these performer pages are the primary source for official information – the posts here will still be linked on Facebook group until the end of 2016 – as these are publicly viewable and shareable pages (rather than a Facebook group that requires us to control and monitor membership and access) and there’s a handy search function built in to find whatever you are looking for.

For the sake of all our sanity – and more efficient communication – The search for any/all answers to common questions should begin here, not with “I’ll just message someone and ask them real quick” and don’t be shocked if the only answer you get back is “CHECK THE PERFORMER PAGES”



Thank you