Auditions at HUGE

Auditions at HUGE Theater :  If You Sign Up, Show Up

As we continue to grow, the nature of things like auditions continues to change – one important change is that we often have far more people interested in auditioning than we have time and space for.  This means people signing up for a space they don’t use are a much bigger problem since they aren’t just deciding not to use it for themselves, they’re still taking that space away from someone else and a person away from their scheduled group.

We absolutely understand that things happen outside of your control and things come up – even at the last second – If you sign up for a space and your schedule changes or something will prevent you from being there, the minimum expectation is that you let someone know.  

But there are things that many people signing up for auditions might not be aware of and might want to consider – and check your calendar – before you fill out the form.

  • Even if you call/email/text to let us know, doesn’t mean we are able to open the registration form or get ahold of someone to make use of your spot. Often that spot remains empty**
  • You should STILL let someone know if you’re not going to make it
  • Many auditions are structured with an ideal group size, which leaves the whole group you were scheduled to audition with short a person.
  • Again – this is important enough to mention again – when you leave your space empty, you’re still taking a space away from someone that probably would have used it.

Everyone that failed to show up for auditions for Throwback Night that we did not hear from was sent an email outlining why it was a problem –  because there are often more people that want to register for than we have space for, people with a pattern of not showing up for auditions may not be given a space when they try to register for HUGE auditions in the future.

** this is the same phenomenon we see around TCIF workshops (especially on Sunday mornings) when people call 15 minutes before the start of the class to let us know they won’t be there and we can “give their spot to someone else”  so they don’t feel bad about bailing.

That isn’t how that works. The space you took remains empty….which is why the nature of this problem is worth explaining to everyone we can so we can all adapt and grow and avoid perfectly avoidable problems in the future.

Thank you all.