Programming News

Just a collection of updates around proposal / programming / production / pay :

Show Proposals

Small change to the proposal form to help us gather demographic data and get a better idea of who is in shows that are proposed to us – both are very important but neither will change your chances of your proposal being accepted or declined.


We’ve never had a mandatory cast list in the proposals before because we know it may change over time, but this will help us save time in the programming process (especially when a performer tells us they are not available and we end up contacting another group they’re also a part of, etc)

The Demographic question is important to our efforts around diversity and inclusion – both to help us gather a baseline set of data but also to help us see progress over time.

Assistant Directors

We are officially rolling out an Assistant Director role as part of HUGE shows as a way to include more voices in the creation and production process – but also to help work with people interested in directing or creating shows themselves.

Neutrino Video Project (which is the odd exception as it is the newest show that HUGE produces) will be co-directed by Butch Roy and Rita Boersma

KaBaam!! will be directed by Nels Lennes and Asst. Directed by Bradley Machov

Creature Feature 2017 will be directed by Nels Lennes and Asst. Directed by Casey Haeg!

This is only the list of HUGE shows confirmed for 2017 so far – More will be added as we look further out in the calendar for next year.

Minor Update to Show Pay 

Our show pay model for Friday and Saturday shows has remained consistent – it is a flat payment based on a minimum threshold of ticket sales to help us make sure we’re covering operating expenses and still paying out what we can, when we can and as soon as we can.

The exception to this point has been “opening acts” on Friday nights – which had often been left for groups to negotiate and too often resulted in people being asked to perform for free on the weekends, something we wanted to address. Those groups are now paid 20% of the show pay for the time slot when that threshold is met (that threshold is also slightly lower for the 10:30pm shows – a change that was made when we got Gen Operating support to help address the additional challenges to late-night show producers) per agreement with HUGE.

Production Info & Feedback

We are still trying to streamline as much of this process as possible since it is one of the most time consuming areas that is constantly in motion – to that end we are creating a more formalized information packet for producers that will be sent out when your show proposal is accepted and booked. The packet will include the collected information on policies and guidelines all in one place for easy reference as well as image specs for marketing, tips for social media promotions, tech and music questions/information, a short list of contacts and more.
Additionally, shows that close will be getting a feedback form after the end of their run to help us gather more specific information on challenges to different times of year, different nights of the week as well as things that are successful that we should be replicating as much as we can or just finding out about things we may not know so we can eliminate more blind spots and make performing at HUGE as positive an experience as it can be.