Rated G casting announced

THIS JUST IN from the producers of Rated G!

“Thank you to everyone who auditioned this past weekend. We were overwhelmed by the amount of talent we saw, as well as the general excitement for continuing to bring family-friendly musical improv to HUGE Theater.
We are delighted to announce the casting for Rated G: The Improvised Family Friendly Musical, 2018:

Aaron Cook
Allison Winkler
Brynn Berryhill
Carl Olson
Dorothy Owen
Drew Tenenbaum
Edd Jones
Erin Kennedy
Mame Pelletier
Mark Sweeney
Max Beyer
Meghan Wolff
Nathan Kelly
Phillip Schramm
Sami Haeli
Seniz Lennes

Congratulations all!
Look for the magic to return to HUGE, March/April 2018!”