A Quick Note about Quick Notes!

I just wanted to post something about some of my posts, since I often get concerned messages from people that think they might be the person-in-question of a policy reminder or post meant to clarify why we do things the way we do – or see those posts as shaming or calling out someone they know.

I make a point of letting people know “I’m going to post about this” directly because if one person didn’t know or understand something, there’s a really good chance that there are more people that could benefit from the information – I don’t name them in posts (because that wouldn’t help anyone) but I do let them know it’s coming and only post after I have messaged them about the information and we’ve had some level of correction or discussion to try and find out why it happened or if there’s any other information we need, because that’s how we learn where the gaps are.

If you see a post and think “he’s talking about me – that’s a back-handed way to give me a note” but haven’t heard anything else from me, please let me assure you, I am not.
You may be among the group of people that also needs the information or I may have messaged with someone else in your group.

Sometimes we don’t know who did something and we try very hard not to post things scolding everyone for the actions of an individual or small group of people – and we actually have a rule against putting up signs in the space of “don’t do this!” because it’s very easy for a space that is used many ways by many, many people to fill up with nothing but negative messaging that way.

I don’t want the Facebook groups filling up with negative messages any more than the space – but we have found that we need to keep posting reminders and information about things because of how often we have brand new people to the space that are just encountering things for the first time.
So, if you see a policy reminder or a quick note about something – please keep in mind it is just meant to get the information to people that need it.

Thank you