Glossary of Terms

Glossary of terms

Because of the changing nature of improv groups and productions, it’s useful to clarify the terms as HUGE is using them:

Show: Any production proposed and/or booked at HUGE

Group: May be a set cast (i.e. The Mess) or may be a production entity that assembles a cast for a run of show.

Producer: Person responsible for production support on the show side – may include all aspects of the group’s responsibilities outside of the artistic direction of show content, i.e. scheduling rehearsals, point of contact for logistics for both cast and venue, etc.

Director: Person responsible for the quality and content of what is performed on stage – point of contact with venue for matters of artistic vision and quality as well as any issues, concerns and feedback involving the cast.

Assistant Director: Responsible for working with the director to co-create and communicate the vision for the show with the cast through rehearsals and notes.

HUGE Production Team: The Artistic Director, Program Coordinator, Executive Director, Technical Director and Marketing Director. Currently our Executive Director (Butch Roy) is serving as Technical Director and Marketing Director in addition to other responsibilities.