HUGE Artist Summit – Saturday April 28 & Sunday April 29, 2018

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Hey you! Yes, you! Do you create or perform in improv shows? Do you produce or direct improv shows? Would you like to learn how to be even more successful? HUGE is hosting an Artist Summit to answer the questions we are asked most often.  We perceive this to be the beginning of a great ongoing conversation, and invite you to join us for it. This event is no fee, but we do need a headcount, please register here.

Saturday April 28 at HUGE Theater  
Session #1 – 12-1:45pm “The Broad Overview” with Molly Chase & Butch Roy
Session #2 – 2-4PM “You want diversity, but are you inclusive?” with Ashawnti Ford & John Gebretatose

Sunday April 29 at HUGE Theater
Session #3 – 12-1:45pm “Marketing – How to get strangers to come see your show” with Brandon Boat & Alana Horton
Session #4 – 2-4pm “Graphic Design for Improvisers” with Sean Dillon & Beth Gibbs

Session #1 – Saturday 4/28 12-1:45pm  “The Broad Overview” with Molly Chase & Butch Roy 
In this session, Molly & Butch will tackle some of the questions and obstacles that all producers face, with an eye on venue relations. This will include the very basic questions “What IS an improv producer?”  and plenty of time for Q & A. Molly Chase is the Managing Director of HUGE Theater. Butch Roy is the Executive Director of HUGE Theater.
Session #2 – Saturday 4/28 2-4PM “You want diversity, but are you inclusive?” with Ashawnti Sakina Ford & John Gebretatose
This session will take you through the different areas that require thought and care to making your production inclusive. There will be a detailed outline that walks you through a production from the view of a patron and from the view of a cast member. We hope to have discussions and learn from each other along the way.Ashawnti Sakina Ford is an actress, teaching artist and improviser based in the Twin Cities. Her work is centered on social justice and arts accessibility. As a teaching artist, she has worked with Minneapolis public schools and charter schools facilitating workshops in theatre, improv and social justice. She has been seen across Twin Cities stages.John Gebretatose rose from the ranks of a HUGE Improv Theater student, to a HUGE Improv instructor and now also the Director of Diversity and Inclusion. He trained and worked at Brave New Workshop and has been performing stand-up, improv and sketch comedy in the Twin Cities for over 10 years. John is a founding member of one of the hottest new improv groups, Blackout. He is the co-creator of the Black and Funny Improv Festival. He is also one of the founding members of the sketch comedy show, Late Nights Minneapolis. He has traveled the world performing improv and teaching workshops.
Session #3 – Sunday 12-1:45pm  “Marketing – How to get strangers to come see your show” with Brandon Boat & Alana Horton 
This session will give you an overview of successful marketing and promotion practices in order to get audiences to your show. You will learn about beginning and advanced techniques including branding, social media, postcards, developing a press kit, using surveys, and buying advertising. You will receive sample materials and other resources to help you out at whatever your familiarity.Brandon Boat has been performing improv for over 15 years and is one of the co-founders of The Theater of Public Policy. Since becoming a full-time improv performer, he has performed 300+ times. His projects have received media coverage over 50+ times. He has performed in 30 cities around Minnesota and has toured nationally. Foundations and state agencies have awarded over $175,000 in grant funding for his improv shows.Alana Horton is a performer, director, visual artist, marketer and graphic designer with a particular interest in new work and ensemble-driven creation. She is a core company member of Savage Umbrella and has collaborated in various ways with Red Eye Theater, New Epic Theater, Bedlam Theatre, Dolan/Herringa, Raw Sugar, Dangerous Productions, Collective Unconscious Performance, Little Lifeboats and more.
Session #4 – Sunday 4/29 2-4pm “Graphic Design for Improvisers” with Sean Dillon & Beth K. Gibbs
Giving your improv show or group a visual identity is an important step in promoting your work and letting the world know what you’re all about. In this session, Beth and Sean will provide a broad overview on how to put your visual best foot forward, from technical tools and techniques, to aesthetic advice and best practices from their own experiences.Sean Dillon is an improv performer, teacher, and director, based out of HUGE Theater. His other night job of the past 15 years is as a freelance graphic designer for Squid & Whale Design, focused on theatrical design locally and for theaters across the U.S. Some of his recent designs for HUGE include Off Book, Neutrino, Troika Mpls, and those fancy temporary tats in the gumball machine in the lobby.Beth K. Gibbs is a Twin Cities illustrator and improvisor. When she is not illustrating comedy posters and pet portraits, you can find her performing with her three-human comedy group, Ladyfriend, or co-hosting & producing, Totes Recall, a podcast about kind of remembering movies. Beth has trained at Brave New Workshop and HUGE Theater. Give her a donut and she will be your best friend forever.

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