Creature Feature and Ka-BAAM!! 2018 casts

We are thrilled to announce the casts of both Creature Feature and Ka-BAAM!!

Creature Feature – Fridays at 8pm in September and October:

Anna Tobin
Erin Kennedy
Julie Censullo
Deon Haider
Vanessa Tu
Salam Yosief
Kari Mellerup
Brian Hodge-Rice
Derek Landseidel
Cody Madison
Bret Meyer
Will Schroeder
Nico Moore

Ka-BAAM!! – Saturdays at 8pm in September and October:

Susannah Eckberg
Wells Farnham
Aaron Cook
Janay Henry
Craig Corsi
Ryan Klima
Eden Yosief
Daniel Mauleon
Bryce Kalal
Vann Daley
Kelsey McGregor
Erica Berglund
Mahmoud Hakima
Julietta Benson
Ian Welch
Please join us in congratulating everyone cast and thanks to everyone that came out to auditions!