A note from the new AD

Hi! Geez, it’s hard to be new. I have shared with some people how disorienting it is to feel like you are so deeply familiar with a place and then get on the other side of it and somehow feel like a stranger. Anyway, week three here as AD at HUGE and…well, woof. There’s a lot!

At the HUGE Happy Hour a few weeks ago, I spoke to the totally-fair-for-an-AD-question that lots of people ask — “So, what is your artistic vision for HUGE?” — and, kid, I wish I had a knock-your-socks-off inspiring answer for you. But the honest answer is: I don’t know yet. I am excited to be here. I am excited to see where HUGE will go and I am excited to help build out that map. But I am also really excited with how far HUGE has already come and everything it is already doing. So right now, I’m learning. I want to figure out what makes this place tick. My goal is not to come in and flip every table and change everything just for the sake of putting my signature all over it. I don’t think that makes a good leader. I want to take everything in, do my research, keep doing the hard work and believe that, no matter what, we can always do more and do better. And we will.

I am excited to find ways to bring in new people to HUGE. I want to keep stretching people’s ideas around what improv is capable of, for performers and audiences. I want to keep getting new and diverse performers on our stage so that more communities feel represented and seen. I’m looking forward to being a directorial and coaching resource to groups and shows that are performing. I want to keep making this an even more inclusive and safe space for everyone. I want to keep putting awesome work up.

Some things I am looking at now: Well, the calendar mostly. Making sure every boat is set to sail there. I also want to revamp the Show Proposal process to maybe only be open twice a year so that we are always getting current proposals with people who are excited and willing to do the work behind them. More on that soon! I am getting Directors together for Throwback Night and getting those logistics in place so that we can get auditions announced soon…ish. I am asking Butch and Jill and John and Breanna and Molly, and honestly anyone who stands near me, just so many questions. All of them. I’ll ask you questions, too. Watch out.

Thanks for your support so far. You are all great.