Throwback 2019 Teams Announced

Thanks for everyone’s patience as it took a few days to have all the Directors review the audition videos, as needed, and then to make this incredibly tough decision. Throwback is such an exciting show because it mixes newer and experienced performers alike in order to come up with different and dynamic groups. As HUGE’s only “teaching show,” it gives more experienced improvisors the chance to use their skills to lead and bolster a team and newer performers a chance to dig in and build off the potential we saw in auditions. And then of course, the teams are directed by some of the best in the biz. And because this is such a complicated puzzle to solve, it makes casting so incredibly difficult. Especially with the overwhelmingly large turnout this year. We had nearly 140 people audition for only 30 spots. That’s. So. Awesome.

Thanks for everything everyone gave. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, don’t you dare let this be your last audition. This community is bursting with talent.

Without further ado, here are your Throwback Teams this year:
  1. The Harold – Directed by Lauren Anderson and Lizzie Gardner
  2. Adam Iverson
  3. Anna Tobin
  4. Bethany McHugh
  5. Brooke Fanning
  6. Bryce Kalal
  7. Damian Johnson
  8. Mackenzie Brophy
  9. Mawrgyn Roper
  10. Richard Ralston
  11. Sandra Struthers


  1. Armando – Directed by Jill Bernard with Assistant Director Liz Council
  2. Anna Larranaga
  3. Breanna Cecile
  4. Chris Johnson
  5. Christopher Rodriguez
  6. Erica Solomon
  7. Gurayn Sylte
  8. Jenny Wahl
  9. Justin Betancourt
  10. Meghan Wolff
  11. Michael Rogers


  1. Close Quarters – Directed by Hannah Wydeven with Assistant Director Alexis Camille
  2. Andrea Ravich
  3. Bradley Machov
  4. Christian Unser
  5. Janay Henry
  6. Laura Hild
  7. Lynn Hu
  8. Nora Coyle
  9. Phil Petersen
  10. Shelby Schroeder
  11. Zoa Dru