Improvathon 2018 Schedule!

Here you are, delightful weirdos and dedicated supporters!

– There may still be some additions made that require us to split some of the 30 minute times into 20 minute blocks – we will contact affected groups directly if that happens – please be aware of your set length as they are not all the same.

– The t-shirt order goes in November 2nd – if you send “oh hey, we need to add one more to the shirts” after November 1st  there won’t be much I can do for you.

– graphics for sharing/posting are coming soon – we have been holding off on some of them to avoid early donations, there will be a big rollout of info and images after Nov. 1st.

Thank you to everyone for being part of this massive day
It’s gonna be unreal.


WEDS 11/14 7:00PM doors open
8:00 PM The Ops Team
8:20 PM Jorts!
8:40 PM Bearded Company
9:00 PM Shrieking Harpies
9:30 PM Drum Machine
10:00 PM Brotha Brotha
10:30 PM Fifth Wheel
11:00 PM Bollyprov
11:20 PM Last Action Movie
11:40 PM Two Children Left Behind
THURS 11/15 Give to the Max Day officially begins
MIDNIGHT Rumblepack
12:20 AM We don’t have to do that…
12:40 AM Crumplstiltskin
1:00 AM Cavalcade
1:30 AM Randomly Chosen
2:00 AM Fickle Me, Zelmo
2:30 AM Shelly & Ethel: Take the Stage!!
3:00 AM Squash Banana
3:30 AM Fever Dream
4:00 AM Cody Narrates the Audience in Song
4:30 AM Phil-osophy
5:00 AM Gifted & Talented
5:30 AM Sharpies
6:00 AM Reservoir Frogs
6:30 AM Trust Fall Improv
7:00 AM Student Jam 1
7:30 AM Bad Spiders
8:00 AM Morning Break
8:30 AM Snowball
9:00 AM Assigment: Danger!
9:30 AM Glasstones
10:00 AM Community Ed
10:30 AM Subatomic Duck
11:00 AM Adorable
11:30 AM Bad Bunnies
NOON Break
12:30 PM Benches with Pam
1:00 PM 1UP
1:30 PM Dance Break
2:00 PM Tarantino
2:30 PM Here We Are Now
3:00 PM Non Zero Chance
3:30 PM Snack Time
4:00 PM Student Jam 2
4:30 PM Rebel Grrls
5:00 PM Round Table
5:20 PM Ancient Future Division
5:40 PM Break
6:00 PM Break
6:20 PM It’s for you!
6:40 PM Postcards from the Edge
7:00 PM POC Ensemble
7:20 PM Dilly Dally
7:40 PM Interludes
8:00 PM The Whereases
9:00 PM Ladyfriend
9:30 PM The Mess
10:00 PM Guts & Teeth
10:30 PM Blackout
11:00 PM Other Jeanie Retelle
11:30 PM Super Good
MIDNIGHT Improvathon & Give to the Max Day ends – ALL FALL DOWN

please email butch at HUGEtheater dot com if you have any questions, concerns, needs, emergencies, crazy ideas that need approval….all of it.