Attenborough 2019 Cast

Thank you, yet again, to all those who came out to audition for Attenborough. It was so hilariously beautiful to watch everyone do this absurd thing. It literally never gets easier to make these decisions. Not ever. 

Here is the 2019 cast for Attenborough*:

  • Becky Hauser
  • Bobby Gardner
  • Emily Lindholm
  • Erin Kennedy
  • Erin Sheppard
  • Jen Scott
  • Justin Betancourt
  • Kelly Sheehy
  • Mark Benzel
  • Molly Ritchie
  • Sean Dillon
  • Susannah Eckburg
  • Will Schroeder
  • Zoa Dru

Directed by Rita Boersma

*Attenborough is an independent production not a HUGE production.