Family Dinner 2019 cast announced

This just in from Director, Molly M Ritchie and Asst. Director, Kim Sigler:

“Hi, everybody. It was such a hard decision. Kim and I debated for hours about who to cast. We could have easily cast the show four or five times over because of the amazing talent and craft we saw. In the end, we wanted to try to get a mix of people who have done the show before, people who haven’t done the show before, people whose work we are familiar with, and people who are new to us.
Thank you very much to everyone who auditioned. Please let’s find ways to work together in the future. Happy Holidays, prematurely. -Molly & Kim”

The cast for Family Dinner 2019:

Alexis Camile
Butch Roy
Deepika Pangarkar
Hannah Wydeven
Jake Scott
Janay Henry
Jen Scott
Katy Kessler
Kelsey McGregor
Laura Berger
Maureen Tubbs
MJ Marsh
Rita Boersma
Sam Baker Harris
Sam Landman
Sean McKenna
Tom Winner
Vann Daley