Things you might’ve learned in 101, 201 and 301 but maybe you didn’t or maybe you forgot or maybe a pandemic happened, ha ha anyway….

Hi students – Jill Bernard, Director of Education at HUGE Theater here.

Several of you asked for a little summary of what you would have maybe perhaps learned in each of the levels at HUGE – because we all feel rusty after the lockdown, and some of us have only done improv on Zoom! Here are some write-ups. What’s interesting is this is from MY perspective as the Director of the Program. One of the things I’m most proud of is that each of our teachers were brought on board because they have something valuable to say about improv from their own perspectives. So the insights and exercises below might not match up 100% with what your teacher presented, but that’s all right.

Things you might have learned in 101 – click here.

Things you might have learned in 201 – click here.

Things you might have learned in 301 – click here.