Submission/audition notice – Off Book 2022!

After a pandemic hiatus, HUGE’s longest-running hit production Off Book is returning to the stage. Saturdays, Jan-Feb 2022… and we’re recruiting.

Two performers take the stage to perform a scene, but only one has seen the script. That’s Off Book in a nutshell. We’ve got 7 performances of 5-6 scenes each, and every show has a new cast. So we’re looking for 35-40 experienced actors and 35-40 skilled improvisers to perform the show.

If you fit either of those categories and want to take a ride on this magical rollercoaster (and trust me, you DO), fill out this interest form by November 21:

Off Book is a HUGE production directed by Sean Dillon and Maggie Sotos, based on “Gravid Water” at the Upright Citizens Brigade.