Show X news

As a member of the cast, current producer and a representative of HUGE Theater – it is my bittersweet duty to let everyone know that a very difficult decision has been made :

Show X has run its course and it is time to stand the show down as a weekly event
The show marked ten years the week before shutdown in 2020

The final Monday performance of Show X will be January 3rd, 2022

Show X was started 12 years ago when the members of Splendid Things reached out to other improv creators and assembled a team to raise the visibility of long form improv with a weekly show at the Bryant Lake Bowl.
Over the years it has featured a tremendous roster of improvisers and special guests alike

It was also a crucial step toward the eventual opening of a dedicated theater for long form improv and a show that inspired many to become improvisers themselves.

Show X moved the art forward in a substantial way.
That doesn’t mean it was meant to last forever and ever.

It’s my hope that Show X can be celebrated as it comes to a close
AND that the cast of Show X will return from time to time as it began – as an independent group looking to put on an amazing show.

Thank you all for more than a decade of incredible Monday nights

Butch Roy

Executive Director
Show X cast member since way, way back