Upcoming Shows at HUGE

Here it is; the schedule for our stage from now until June! There are a few changes that you might notice – starting in April we’ve added a show at 7:00p on Saturdays! We are offering Double Feature tickets for the 7:00 and 8:00p show so you can catch them both.

I also want to highlight the return of KaBaam! The Improvised Comic Book to the stage. As we considered the spring season we realized the time was right for superheroes to save the day, but it wasn’t right for a large group of people to get together and audition. For that reason, the talented cast was assembled by Becky Hauser and Molly Ritchie. Molly agreed to direct the show along with her fearless Assistant Director, Alexis Camille. You’ll see Ari Newman, Chip Gehring, Denzel Belin, Erin Kennedy, Greg Parks, Jada Pulley, Jex Arzayus, Justin Betancourt, Susannah Eckberg, Will Schroeder team up and vanquish villainous foes. We can’t wait!


Hot Pot – 9:30p – February and March
Featuring: Alexis Camille, Liz Council, John Gebretatose and Karyn Wilson
Hot Pot! is a diverse long-form improv group based in the Twin Cities. Watch as Hot Pot gloriously takes you on a journey of joy, adventure and suspicious activities to keep everyone on their toes.

Shrieking Harpies – 8:00p – March and April
Featuring: Hannah Wydeven, Lizzie Gardner, Taj Ruler and Justin Nellis on keys
The Shrieking Harpies present an improvised musical that will make you see the magic around you.

The Bearded Company presents: Epic Adventures – 10:30p – March through June
Featuring: Maria Bartholdi, MJ Matheson, Tyler Michaels, Tyler Mills, Joe Rapp and Lucas Vonacek
Join The Bearded Company for a completely improvised adventure like you’ve never seen before. Stories told big and bold as only The Bearded Company can. Sharpen your swords, grab your rocket pack and get ready for one hell of an adventure.

Babe Train: That ’00 Show – 9:30p – April and May
Featuring: Shelby Schroeder, Laura Berger, Katie Quinn and Hannah McNamee
Remember when life was ‘da bomb?’ When you could crack open a capri sun and just chillax? Jam out to your ipod mini? Forget about the stress of today and travel back to the early 2000s, where everything was BALLER and no biggie! Get ready to ROFL, LOL, and XD with the nostalgia filled romp: That 00s Show! XOXO Babe Train

Jorts! presents: Prom Night – 8:00p – May and June
Directed by Emily Lindholm, Phil Petersen and Ryan Vanasse
Relive the drama, angst, and fun of the height of teen life, Prom!

Mayhem – 9:30p – June and July
Featuring: Hannah Wydeven and Butch Roy
Mayhem’s performance style is marked by the “anything-you-can-do” physicality that only a fitness trainer and an ex-clown can bring to the stage. They joyfully trap each other in corners that other improvisers would shy away from, and fearlessly push the limits.


Off Book – 8:00p – February and March
Directed by Sean Dillon and Maggie Sotos
Half-scripted, full speed ahead. It is every actor’s nightmare: getting thrown on stage to perform a play you’ve never read.

The Mess – 9:30p – February through June
Featuring: Rita Boersma, Mike Fotis, Molly Ritchie, James Rone and Jake Scott
A brand new improvised masterpiece, every Saturday night!

Blackout and Latins on Ice present: Joy – 7:00p – April and May
Directed by John Gebretatose
Blackout Improv and Latins On Ice are teaming up present Joy, a hilarious night of improv comedy. We want to laugh and celebrate each other; nothing sounds better to us right now. So, we decided to make history and create the first ever all black and Latin X improv comedy show in Minnesota. If you’re looking for a little joy in tough times, come out and enjoy the night.

KaBaam! – 8:00p – April and May
Directed by Molly Ritchie
Assistant Director Alexis Camille
Three amazing superhero adventures based on never-before-seen hero names suggested by you! While you watch, a for real comic book artist draws the cover to their tremendous team-up adventure!

Jennifer’s Lawn – 7:00p – June and July
Featuring: Dorian Beal, Jennifer Erickson, Chip Gehring Justine Myers and Ari Newman
Jennifer’s Lawn is a Minneapolis-based narrative improv quintet. Together, they traverse the galaxy atop their magical lawn flamingo, Cementha.

Summer Potluck – 8:00p – June and July
A different group with a different show every week! Applications for the show opening April 18th!


March – Troika

April – Again & Again, Brick!, Luke and Ash Do a Harold, My Town: Karaoke Nights

May and June – Liquid Knight, The Step Children, Tracktastic! with Bret, The Improvised Twilight Zone