Frequently Asked Questions

Security: Escort to your car/bike/bus/Uber

If you would EVER like someone to walk you out to your vehicle, simply let someone on our staff know and we will find someone (or two – if that person would like someone to walk them back) to accompany you out to your car or bus stop or while you wait for an Uber.

To Our Staff – if you are ever the last person left closing up and would like someone to wait with you so you’re not there/leaving alone, simply let someone know. Please.

We will try to remember to offer – men and women alike – if they would like someone to walk them out. It is important and it is never an inconvenience or any trouble at all.

Please always ask or say something if it would help you feel even a little bit more safe and secure.

Thank you.

Sold Out Shows

Releasing Tickets – We do not release sold tickets at any time – not 5 minutes to show, not 10 minutes after show starts. Never. No matter how many times we post this we have people that will hang out “just to see” if someone doesn’t show up or if any tickets are released.
If someone pays for a ticket and arrives 30 minutes late their seat better still be waiting for them. The seat is bought and paid for, regardless of if whether or not there’s a butt in it.

If we are sold out, DO NOT EVER ask the box office if you can sneak in or if there’s anything else they can do or anyone else to ask to let you in- or worse yet, just sneak in without saying anything and just stand in the back – That is taking a giant risk for the whole theater and/or putting our box officers in a terrible and unfair position or just undermining them in front of the customers they have to face and say “I’m sorry there’s nothing I can do” all night long while we enjoy the shows.


Every cast member gets one comp ticket per night.

If you want a comp ticket for a show that may sell out, your comp guest might need to buy a ticket if they want to be guaranteed a seat.

If you arrive on the night of show you can leave the name of your comp at the box office – IF THE SHOW SELLS OUT BEFORE YOUR COMP ARRIVES, THEY WILL NOT GET IN, having their name on the comp list does not reserve a seat for them until they arrive and claim it.

Student Tickets

HUGE Students can see shows for free but free student tickets may only be claimed in person once the box office is open – you may not call ahead, you may not reserve student tickets for future shows.

If a show has less than 50 tickets presold you can simply show up, check in at the box office as a student and claim your ticket! Go inside and enjoy the show!

When a show has more than 50 tickets sold, student tickets will be handled as Rush Tickets – there will be a list at the box office – simply check in as a student and wait for the House Manager to release student tickets.

  • Rush tickets may not be reserved over the phone, meaning you may not call in and ask to have your name put on the list.
  • On multi-show nights, The Rush ticket list does not open until the previous show begins, meaning you can’t arrive at 7:30 and put your name on the list for the 9:30 or 10:30 shows.
  • If you think the show may sell out, you can purchase a ticket.


PLEASE do not to ask the house manager, or have the house manager ask myself or the Board members, if “there’s anything we can do” to get people into sold out shows – all that does is imply that there’s someone in the building that could let more people in, if they decided to.

That is not the case.

It comes from the fire marshall and there is no flexibility or exception.

The other common question is about standing room – which we do not have.

The number allowed in the room comes from the fire marshall and we have a chair for every person allowed in the room.

Yes, there is space at the back of the room.

No, we cannot use it to let more people in.

I don’t mean to sound harsh but this will be one of those issues that never goes away and never gets any easier – people will ALWAYS show up and ask if there’s any way they can get in, no matter how many times we say no someone will still hang around and just “wait and see” or plead.

NOTE – our students and performers will always be THE WORST OFFENDERS when it comes to this. The answer is the same for them. No. The house is sold out, that means there is nothing you can do for them either.

Not only should they not even be asking but think about how that looks to the line of people that just drove 30 minutes to get to the theater, were told there’s no way to get in and then watch people sneak in because their friend is working the box office.

We have to keep the answers firm and consistent, that’s the only fair and thoughtful thing we can do for people. If people are unhappy, let them know that we also wish they could come in and watch the show, that’s why we are here – These are the rules that don’t bend and we have to keep to them.


If the fire marshall comes and we are over capacity, we get shut down.

We could literally have to stop everything and tell the audience that they ALL have to leave and we’re closed for the night. No shit.

I don’t know if I have to explain how much of a disaster that would be for HUGE in terms of lost ticket sales and ruined trust and reputation but I hope we never find out – I know we all want to be nice and let just one more person in the door but this is what you’re gambling if you do.

Tech and Music

When you are performing at HUGE, a technician and a musicians are paid via the theater’s payroll – they are part of the service we provide as a venue to help shows be as fully realized in terms of production as possible.

We schedule and pay a tech for every show by default – if you would like a (we are not able to offer more than one) musician, please let us know and we can check availability and help get one scheduled for your performances.

Staff Communication

PLEASE keep in mind that very very few of our staff are actually full time/salaried/on-call and do not text or call house managers with theater-related needs when they are not working – allow the theater handle theater business and let them have their time off.

A good rule of thumb to know if someone should be your point of contact for something is “do they have a hugetheater.com email address?”

I know some of our staff (like Breanna, for example) are consistently here some days or evenings, and obviously everyone here tries to be as giving and helpful as they can but that does NOT mean they are a resource at all times and it very quickly becomes a problem.

**Keep in mind that “just one question real quick” from hundreds of people adds up to a LOT of ‘real quick’ needs very very fast**

Several times I’ve gotten messages from different staff saying someone is texting or contacting them via Facebook asking about building access, lineup for the night, procedure questions, etc when they aren’t at the theater because a group has started defaulting to texting them directly when they need something.

I have encouraged staff to answer with “I am not on duty right now” when that happens so messages get routed as they should.

If you have questions or needs, it should come through the theater and we can route it to the person responsible – if someone has been put in charge of a particular need and should be contacted we will let you know – it is far beyond what we would ask of our staff to expect them to field questions and needs of all kinds at all hours.


We record all the shows that have a cast* as a service to improvisers that want to use them as “game tape” or submitting to improv festivals or posting online. They are yours to use as you like.
ONLY members of that cast have access to copy or watch those videos – they are the intellectual property of the performers in them, not HUGE, so we can not give you permission to take them or watch them – that requires the explicit permission from the cast or director of the show.

*Space Jam is not recorded for this reason – the jams are not a “cast” and we would never be able to gather permission for use from all the people involved, so we do not record them.

Show Proposals

All show proposals are accepted through our online form here:  Propose A Show

Shows proposed to HUGE are expected to be original creations OR include permission and credit from the original creators of the show, even if the name has changed.

Sure, there are ideas that have already been done – like “improvised Star Trek” but if you’re proposing it, it should be “YOUR improvised Star Trek” rather than “I saw a show that I liked in Portland – I am going to do that here”

Videos and proposals are both areas where HUGE has created systems to try and protect artists on our stage – I know it may feel like we’re being uptight when we won’t let people copy a show they missed so they can watch it at home because we’re all friends, but the policy is there to protect everyone as consistently as possible so we have a grown up standard now and into the future to safeguard and value intellectual property, which is something we feel strongly that artists should be able to expect.

A full list of HUGE’s official productions are posted here

Volunteering or working at HUGE

Who to contact depends on the role.

Other Questions

Send an email to info@hugetheater.com – you will get a lovely response, we promise!